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I need some help with my presentations in keynote. In my work we have now started to use iPads insted of PC laptops to connect to projectors for our presentations, this result in me making all our old presentions from ppt to keynote ones.

In the company I work we have very strict template style that has to be in correct style no exceptions. I made all templates and it seem to work fine and looks fine in my mac. BUT when we use it with iPad as remote to the apple tv and projector, all the pictures comes in the front and some of them covering my template.


This image shows the problem:




In keynote on the ipad I tried to arrange the fullpage image to the backgound but nothing happens. And i cant access the template itself on the ipad, mine is custom, not a normal keynote template, so it's becomes harder to solve the problem.


I'm kind of new at keynote and grateful for any answers! Pls. help me out

iPad 2, iOS 7.0.2