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Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has come across scanner software ceasing to work before? I've been using a Canon Canoscan 8400f Scanner for years with little or no problems and suddenly in the the last few days it's stopped talking to my Mac. I have an iMac G5 PPC running 10.4.11, and as it has been running so well I know little about its inner workings. I've tried everything I could find on the web - re-installs, software and driver updates, permissions repair, nothing gets it talking to the computer. The only thing I have managed to glean is that it appears to be a software problem from the computer end - does the same whether I try to access it from buttons on the scanner or software on the mac. It runs Scangear CS and Canonscan Toolbox both of which I have updated, re-installed etc to no avail. The Canonscan Toolbox starts to boot up (showing its icon on the dock) and then shuts down before completion.

If anyone has had a similar problem or knows where the fault might lie, I'd be very glad of any help offered.


Many thanks....

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    Addendum: Upon checking over the software bundled with the scanner (Canoscan Tool Box), I found a report log detailing the error. Can anyone help intepret this? Pic added below;


    Crash Report.png


    Any ideas? What is a EXC BAD ACCESS, or a KERN PROTECTION FAILURE?


    Any help gratefully received. Thanks again...