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Got a text message. Went to sign into my phone. Went to Messaging. Window popped up, then disappeared. Multiple times. Rebooted iphone 4S. Once restarted, all contacts are missing, deleted somehow. Nothing else wrong.


Apparently this is a widespread known issue!! All of a sudden some apps become flaky. You restart the phone and BAM all contacts are gone.


I just came back from a business trip, if I had lost all info on that trip I would have been seriously SOL!!! This is no joke.


I have a really old backup on my pc.... yes I know you're supposed to sync to pc and icloud. I didn't. My phone goes on my stereo charge cradle every night not my pc.


Read somewhere on a workaround to turn icloud off (contacts) on iphone. Then restore contacts to icloud via backup on itunes. Then turn icloud on again and iphone pulls contacts off icloud.


Any details on this? If I restore phone everything new is gone. I just want contacts.


This is really ticking me off.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    If you backup with iTunes and you restored from the backup and the contacts were gone, then there is no where to retrieve them from unless you have another backup that contains those contacts.


    Launch iTunes on the computer and go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices. You will see a window with all of your backups listed in it.


    If you see a recent backup that you are certain contains the contacts that you need, recover deleted contacts from iPhone.


    If your contacts is gone from iCloud.com there is only a few ways to possibly recover it.


    The first things I would check is a iCloud Backup, a iTunes Backup, or a 3rd party email that may have contained the contacts. To restore from a iCloud or iTunes backup follow this link. This article explains how to restore a device from either back up.


    Note if you have backed up since the contacts went missing, you will not have the note on the backup. Make sure you do not back up if trying to restore from a back up as this will back up the content without the note.


    To get to the "Set up assistant" on an iOS device, you must go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings. Once the phone restarts, you will be at the "Set up Assistant"

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    I f you downloaded the latest iOS, contact icon is in the folder/icon "extras". Tap it and you'll see icon contacts...press and drag it out of folder...bwala..contact icon on home screen

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    Since you have previous iTunes backup, you can easily extract the contacts from the iTunes backup by using an iPhone backup extractor. After saving the found contacts to PC, you can import them to your Google contacts or iCloud directly.

    In addition, there are also other ways to recover deleted iPhone contacts:

    1. Scan iPhone with a third party recovery software;
    2. Copy from old phone’s SIM card;
    3. Sync with Google contacts or other cloud service.
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    If you restore your iPhone directly using iTunes, you may lose all the new data that haven't been backed up.

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    Thanks for this post. helped me in a snap my contacts were back. Not sure where or why they went, but Thank You!!!!