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Got a text message. Went to sign into my phone. Went to Messaging. Window popped up, then disappeared. Multiple times. Rebooted iphone 4S. Once restarted, all contacts are missing, deleted somehow. Nothing else wrong.


Apparently this is a widespread known issue!! All of a sudden some apps become flaky. You restart the phone and BAM all contacts are gone.


I just came back from a business trip, if I had lost all info on that trip I would have been seriously SOL!!! This is no joke.


I have a really old backup on my pc.... yes I know you're supposed to sync to pc and icloud. I didn't. My phone goes on my stereo charge cradle every night not my pc.


Read somewhere on a workaround to turn icloud off (contacts) on iphone. Then restore contacts to icloud via backup on itunes. Then turn icloud on again and iphone pulls contacts off icloud.


Any details on this? If I restore phone everything new is gone. I just want contacts.


This is really ticking me off.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1