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my iphone 5 with IOS7 wont connect with my Audi A3 bluetooth. Will this glitch be fixed or is my car bluetooth now absolutely pointless and a waste of money?

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    Hello Avrosse,


    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.

    For more information on this, take a look at:


    iOS: Troubleshooting car stereo connections




    Troubleshooting tips


    Beginning playback and controlling music

    Some car stereos may require that playback be started or controlled from either the device or the stereo. Ensure that your car stereo is set to the proper input for your device. If it is and you cannot hear sound from your car speakers, try switching to your radio and then back to the proper input.

    Disconnect and restart

    If you are experiencing difficulties with the connection between your stereo and device, disconnect the device, and then power cycle the stereo and your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. When the Home screen reappears, reconnect your device.

    Isolate the issue

    Try to reproduce the issue with an identical or similar accessory, if one is available, or test with a second device.

    Restore iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    If you have isolated an issue to the device, restore iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to its factory condition.





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    Clear the all  pairings from car and remove car pairing from iPhone after at least a reset

    Then  re-pair

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    I have an Audi A3 and Bluetooth works fine with my iPhone 5 with iOS 7. As Peter said, un-pairing ('Forget this device' in Settings -> Bluetooth) and re-pairing should sort everything out.

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    hi thanks for the replys.


    i only bought the car around 2 weeks ago, it is a 2009 audi a3 black edition sportback. when i try and connect it doesnt show up at all so i cant unpair it as it hasnt been paired before. i took my car to audi and they just told me because apple have updated it my cars bluetooth probably wont work anymore with my phone. i asked them is there any way he could update my car or something to get it working but he said no he doesnt think so. they are not the brightest people in audi i gathered. any other helpful ideas then im all ears



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    Remove ALL pairing in car most vehicles have a limit ,of x in memory BMW has 4 for instance

    if there are already 4 pairuings in memory you will never pair another until you clear those defunct ones

    esp as car is not new but new to you

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    How do i remove all devices? Ive looked in the user manual but it doesnt tell me how to delete other connections. It says 'you can bond upto four mobile phones to the onboard phone system. If you bond a fifth mobile phone, the system will delete the device which has not been used for the longest time in conjunction with the onboard system'.


    So to me it sounds like it should just work automatically but it isnt connecting :/

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    It isnt finding my car on my iphone at all, i dont mean just not connecting

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    Thats Audi for you on a BMW it is very simple to clear all back to zero pairings ,has fixed many similar issues.

    Suggest you see if there is an Audi 3 Forum where others may also have had similar issues


    You may need an upgrade to Audi system

    You have a 2009 car with probably older B/T software and you are trying to connect state of the art late 2013 comms device with very latest B/T profiles


    but first have you done any basic troubleshooting on iPhone especialy if you upgraded over the air



    restore first with backup and then as new ,as required

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    does anything else connect to car maybe B/T is faulty

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    my friends also got an iphone 5 with ios 7, his phone wont find the car either. but my other friend tried his blackberry, that found it but didnt connect.


    il have a look on audi forums now and see if i can find anything.


    thanks for the help,