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I have been looking around in my mac, running Snow Leopard, to try and determine what is taking up so much space on my hard drive. When I query "get Info" for my iphoto or itunes libraries, the accumulated amounts come nowhere close to the 220GB that is taken up. I have moved most of my photographs to an external drive as well as a bunch of music, but I want to be able to find where I could further 'slim down'

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Freeing Up Space on The Hard Drive


      1. See Lion/Mountain Lion's Storage Display.

      2. You can remove data from your Home folder except for the /Home/Library/ folder.

      3. Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on freeing up space on your hard drive.

      4. Also see Freeing space on your Mac OS X startup disk.

      5. See Where did my Disk Space go?.

      6. See The Storage Display.


    You must Empty the Trash in order to recover the space they occupied on the hard drive.


    You should consider replacing the drive with a larger one. Check out OWC for drives, tutorials, and toolkits.


    Try using OmniDiskSweeper 1.8 or GrandPerspective to search your drive for large files and where they are located.

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    Hi Kappy, thanks for the quick reply. Here's where I am. I tried solution #1 but I get a completely different 'About this Mac' window, which is a drag because that seemed the most simple solution. I then went on the Xlab site and I went to 'Terminal' and face a mass of type that would mean something to a developer, but not to a layman with poor eyesight.  I have searched for 'Storage Display' and it just eludes me.  Are OmniDisk or Grand perspective downloads from Apple?

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    These items are also just a way of finding where stuff is, but not how to remove stuff. You need to locate what you can delete or remove to another drive that will free up the most space. OmniDiskSweeper is the best tool to use.


    The Storage Display only shows you where space is used and how much for the available five categories. For example, if it shows you have a lot of space for Documents, then start by moving that folder to another drive or deleting some of its content.