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Wonder if anyone can help.

I have been trying to put a imovie project from my mac onto a usb memory stick so i can then play it on a blu ray via the tv.

I usually use airplay via the ipad but since i have been using imovie and macs in general rather than my old pc and sony vegas,the files sizes are just really big,making streaming from a ipad to the tv via apple tv taking much too long.

When the sansdisk usb is connected to the mac it shows up in imovie,but with what looks like a small warning triangle,when i try to put the file into it ,the movie gets rejected.

I have looked on you tube for advice and followed everything whats been said,but still can't get it to work.

The usb is fine,it plays old files from when i had a pc okay,its just it seems to reject everything on it from imovie.

Hope someone can help me who has come across this problem.