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I have a iPhone 4 on which I have quite purposefully not yet installed iOS7, though it is sitting on my phone because Apple pushed it to me (nearly frying my phone, and requiring tons of work to free up space to stop the literal meltdown). I have heard too many horror stories from folks with 4's trying to use iOS 7 software that so outguns the hardware. But I am receiving a new 5s next week!! Can I back up my 4 into iTunes without it installing iOS 7 by itself? If so, is there any way to prevent the 4 from installing iOS7 after I erase my phone to sell it? I'm thinking it's actually worth more un-updated! Thanks for your help!

iPhone 4, iOS 7, 16gb
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    You can certainly back up and sync your iPhone to iTunes. Just refuse the update if offered. What you will not be able to do without updating is restore your iPhone should that ever become necessary. If you are going to sell the iPhone, then use the Erase Content and Settings option in the General -> Reset area on the iPhone rather than restoring it.


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    Thanks for the response, varjak! I'm still a little confused though: When I erase content and settings and reset, does that eradicate the uninstalled iOS 7 files (seeing as they were pushed there, they may be designed to stay there), and does the procedure disassociate my phone completely from my Apple ID and Verizon phone number? And to be sure I understand, resetting the phone (rather than restoring) will preserve the iOS 6.1.3 that is currently running the phone? Will a buyer also be able to circumvent installation of iOS 7 in the future, especially on reactivation of the phone, just like I have? Thanks for your help!

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    Hi appledappler,


    Erasing content and settings will remove the not-yet-installed iOS 7 download. Your accounts will no longer be associated with it. It will also preserve iOS 6.1.3 (restoring in iTunes would also update it, so don't do that). The buyer will not be required to update to iOS 7. In fact, the update is only downloaded (not installed) when the phone is plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi.

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    Perfect! I just wanted to be sure of all the steps before I charged ahead with the switchover to my new 5s. From what I've read, I honestly believe the 4 phone is better off without iOS7, and I will likely find a buyer, if at all(!), because it won't have that performance degradation issue. Psyched about my new phone, though, and know it will sing with iOS7! Thanks again for straightening me out!

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    You're welcome!