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We use iPads - mostly 2nd gens - at some customer sites for tracking times. The devices are in kiosk cases, locked down, no access to the Home button, gestures shut off, etc, etc. Essentially, once on the screen we wanted displayed, there is no option for the average user to get to the homescreen or to perform an update.


However, recently with the release of iOS 7 we had a couple folks at these customer sites call us indicating that an end user had started the upgrade process to iOS7. We'd previously heard of this happening last year as well after iOS6 was released. but with the devices located remotely, we coudn't determine what exactly took place with absolute certainty.


According to ALL the forums posts I've read, there is abosutely no way that an iPad simply updates/upgrades itself - even to just DL'ing the new file - it requires a user to indicate that it should do so.  But we were being told that the iPad prompted them to do so...even though all the forums said that the devices don't prompt.

I've been an iOS user for about 3 years now, and hadn't previously seen a prompt to update iOS...until I turned on one of our local iPads today for some testing...and was greated by an onscreen Alert/prompt for 7.0.2. 

See this image:




So the question I have is - is there a way for me to shut this off? We've already reviewed the Notifications settings - all of which are off.

This seems to be more of a base-OS level notification. The problem is that this prompts up on the screen in the middle of our own desired screen, and allows an end-user to selecte "Details" and then start the installation process for the update, completely by-passing all efforts and steps to prevent the very thing from happening.

If anyone knows how to shut this off, I'd love to know.


iPad 2, iOS 7.0.2
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    It would appear that my .png image is broken. I'll attempt another screen shot at some point - when I get prompted again.


    But I'm absolutely stunned that not one other person has made comment on this. Is NO one else out there experiencing problems of the nature we are? No one else is being prompted for iOS updates that they'd prefer not to get??