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I was given several years ago a couple of e.on PowerDown plugs for desktop and peripherals.


It says " When your computer is switchen on, PowerDown automatically provides power to peripherals via its patented Auto-Calibration system. When your computer is turned off, PowerDown automatically switches off power from the peripherals". It also says it provides surge protection.


I currently have my computer and peripherals plugged into a Belkin surge protection strip. As far as I uderstand it, the only equipment that still draws power even when it has been switched off are those with remote controls (perhaps someone can correct me if I am wrong).


The only peripheral I have is a printer/scanner, which doesn't have a remote, so I assume when I switch it off it isn't still drawing any power.


Has anyone come across these PowerDown plugs, and know if they are worth hanging onto, or should I clear some drawer space and just ditch them ?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)