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I sync my Outlook calendar and contacts to my I devices using Itunes and this has worked great for many years.  I just updated to IOS7 and now I cannot get the addresses for my contacts to sync over to Ipad and Iphone.  They are in Outlook 2003 but will not transfer over.  Any thoughts?

iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (MM), iOS 7.0.2
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    Just about drove me crazy mate but what I did was went to the Icloud settings on my Ipad and disabled calndars and contacts. When I went back to my PC I could then sync Outlook with my Ipad. Hope this helps.

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    i have 2003 outlook and for the last 6


    months i have not been able to sync

    my contacts from my iphone to my pc.

    ive tried everything & spend hours.....

    previously i could sync both ways &

    decide which way i wanted to go but

    i cannot any longer and have just about

    quit updating & syncing because, why???

    all my new contacts go on my phone

    first as i meet people etc.  this is at

    its best upsetting...