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I am creating a Blood Glucose Monthly Form. It is organized by week with an average at the end of each week for the various times of day I test my sugar. Those results then contribute to averaging the weekly numbers for a monthly number. I have a similar form I am developing for Blood Pressure.


My question is that since this a monthly form destined to be a template how do I get around the error messages that appear when there are blanks as I have not yet reached that day/ date. Can someone help with a formula that will work?


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    There is a function named "IFERROR" that will trap an error condition, prevent the alert and substitute a display/calculation that you choose. The syntax is: =IFERROR(original-expression, what-to-do-upon-error).


    Often it is sufficient to display a null string on error: IFERROR(original-expression, "").



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    I solved my own problem. I just don't know how. I opened a spreadsheet in Numbers I created in Excel with the formulas I needed and then saved it in Numbers format. It works perfectly.