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I updated to 7.0 and immediately noticed that I was unable to log into the App Store.  At first I could get updates but after about 3 days, the updates stopped as well.  Now when I open the App Store I get three pop ups in a row: "cannot connect to App Store".  Also, when I could still receive updates, I could also connect to iTunes and listen to my entire catalog.  I lost that ability as well by performing all the trouble shooting steps like:


Delete safari cache and cookies, hard reboot

Accept all cookies

Accept all 3rd party cookies

Delete network settings

Sign out of iTunes and try to sign back in.


When I signed out if iTunes, I could no longer sign back in.


Then I see update 7.02 arrives and I immediately install hoping that they addressed this issue off record.  I was able to sign into iTunes after the update completed.  I could see updates in the App Store and I could use the near me functions to see apps that are published by nearby businesses.  Then after more trouble shooting including:


Erasing all data and settings the restoring a recent iCloud backup.

Performing all the usual steps that are mentioned in these articles like changing the time ahead an hour, a year, delete more cache and cookies, hard reboot, power cycle, ect. Ect.


Then I deleted all settings and just started a new profile to ensure that I could indeed connect to the AppStore without restoring my iCloud data.  Everything works fine using this method. But I have been an iPhone user since the beginning and I have a lot of sentimental audio recordings in various apps of my daughter who was very young at the time.  I need someone to take pity on me and let's get to the bottom of this issue.


I'm not the only one with this problem.  I desperately need to update my time tag application so that I may track my billing time at work and the app keeps crashing without the ios7 update.  I have a feeling this had something to do with the App Store agreement.  It's like I haven't accepted the agreement and I'm not being prompted to do so. 


If anyone can provide any insight, I would really appreciate it.  I really don't want to lose this profile!  That's Microsoft logic anyway. :)




Chris Foster

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2