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    Apple is crazy, they are starting to act just like Microsoft,  today I am back to Green,  I do not do anything I just watch the stupidity continue,  personally I like the fact that work for purple and green was home instead of green and green for both ~



    Just a matter of time and they will start deleting appointments again that already happened to me once !

  • wingdom98 Level 1 (0 points)

    Looks like my green is back!  Last time, the problem only occured momentarily.  This time it took over a week for Apple to fix it.  Hopefully it won't take them that long to fix it the next time it occurs.  iCloud has some problems as it shouldn't bleed its problems to another application.

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    It's fixed for me, and I'm glad about that.


    What I would like from Apple is a touch mroe communication about what issues they are working to resolve and which ones we need to ignore/work around.


    Here we just tend to squabble amongst ourselves with no indication about being heard, then suddenly some of our problems are resolved and others aren't.


    Well anyway, glad this appears resolved.

  • oakvilleadvisor Level 1 (10 points)


    I am not 100% sure but this seems to be working

    In iCal on your mac under view open show calandar list

    Once you have done this if this you can see where the icloud calendars are,  here is where you can change the colors of each calendar

    Select the calendar by clicking once then right click get info and here you can see where you can select the colors that works for you.  Once you have selected the colors they will stay until there are these little glitches. 

    Once you have completed this it seems to flow over to all devices ipad iphone etc.

    I think the issues are apple trying to get it right,  they needed to address the issues that they had a simlar color in the selection menu that seems to be removed at this time.  There use to be two shades of green, that seems to be removed from the main selections howver you can make custom colors if you choose. I would not rock that boat as they could change there minds on that one.  This is something that may have been there all along but it is working for me right now, until next time !

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