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Old iTunes worked fine, then I was prompted to update to the latest version and all my songs are duplicated???

ie: Album One, Song 1 followed by Song 1 (again), Song 2 followed by Song 2 (again), etc. etc.

See screenshot below.


As I also have Microsoft Media Player onboard and have have most song titles saved as mp3's when i bought the laptop 3 years ago, then added my iPod 5 and iTunes to it 18 months ago. Like I said, it worked fine until this recent request from Apple to upgrade to the latest version of iTunes for Microsoft/PC.

Maybe iTunes is picking up all media files, mp3 AND mp4 (or aav, whatever Apple call them now...).


I've uninstalled iTunes twice and re-installed twice to see if it would correct it with no luck.


I've not set iTunes as the default media player.


I can't see any fixes on Apples support page so I'm at a loss...


I'm too worried to connect my iPhone to my laptop now in case it stuffs up my music files stored on it from my PowerMac.


Any tips?



Cheers!   Mick Ward


iTunes update duplication of all music files.png

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2, iTunes on PC laptop