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This is what I found when searching for an answer online, but iTunes has changed so much since this posting that I don't know if the answer is still valid:


Give your playlist as a gift


You can gift a playlist to a friend, assuming everything is available on the iTunes Store.If you want to share the contents of you favorite playlist with a friend, you can send it as a gift (within the limits of what’s available on the iTunes Store, that is). If you select a playlist, then click the small arrow icon to the right of its name, a dialog box will display asking if you want to give this playlist or publish it on the iTunes Store. If you click Give Playlist, iTunes will look at your songs, then take you to the iTunes Store. This is, of course, limited to what’s available, and if your playlist contains any songs that are album-only sales, you won’t be able to give these; in fact, if your playlist contains any album-only songs, the process will stop, and you won’t be able to give anything from that playlist until you remove the album-only songs (and iTunes won’t tell you which ones they are, but these are generally songs that are longer than 10 minutes). But assuming you can give the playlist you’ve created, I’m sure your recipient will be very happy.

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