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Hey all!


So for a while now while importing my photos and videos from my iPhone (specifically) into Aperture I am LOST as to which to import and which have already been imported.  Obviously I do manual selection because some things I want to save into my library and others are just fun to have on my phone.  This USED to be an easy feat with the "Do not import duplicates" check box enabled.  However, those days are long gone.  I'm SURE that the problem stems from having SO MANY photos on my iPhone that they have cycled through the numbering system so if the "Duplicates" feature within Aperture ONLY recognizes file names/numbering hierarchy then it's thinking that I've already got photos that I actually don't.  So, you'd think it would be as easy as going to my last imported photo/video that appears in my library and select from that point on my iPhone... Well, you'd be WRONG.  The numbering system that Aperture is reading from my system must be JUST THAT, reading by numbers.  Because it CLEARLY is NOT going by date when in import mode.  I have to scroll way back to find new photos/videos and figure things out on the fly.  Being as I don't want to miss anything I'd LOVE it if there were a way to figure out how to get what I want, without dupliecates AND without this headache of sifting EVERY LITTLE THING.


Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.



Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    Just some ideas -

    When I am importing from my IOS devices, I primarily use the Photo Stream - that will always show the most recent images at the end of the stream and easy to locate.


    Also I keep the camera roll empty as empty as possible and delete everything from the camera roll after importing it - a nearly empty camera roll makes importing much quicker. All images that I want on my iDevices are organized in Aperture albums, and I sync the albums back using iTunes. This way, I have a backup on my mac and can use Aperture to browse and edit them.


    I see, that you want to keep photos on your iPhone, that you do not want on your mac, but if you like these photos on your phone, they should be worth to be backed up on your Mac as well.

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    Thanks Leonie, 


    I did consider the photo stream import option.  I just wondered if there would image quality or metadata loss.  And yes, it's about time to clear up some of the junk, but with two young kids, cool trips to the mountains and Disney World etc, it's nice to have those picture on demand.  If it comes about that there is no other option I will have to resort to a more clean and current iOS library.  I do keep things in albums when it comes to important or cool stuff, but that doesn't even come into play when importing.


    Thanks again!

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    I did consider the photo stream import option.  I just wondered if there would image quality or metadata loss.

    From your iPhone to the Mac is no data loss. The images will beshared at their full quality. But this will happen, the moment the photo has been taken, before you edit it on your phone. If you edit it later and add metadata, these changes will not be synced to the Photo Stream, see:


    iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ

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    I just meant from Photo Stream itself.  Say, for instance, my phone dies while I'm out.  And I've just taken a bunch of pictures that I haven't had time or ability to sync into Aperture yet, but they are on my Photo Stream.  I was just saying that I don't trust the data transfer of iPhone-PhotoStream-Download Into Aperture.