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Hi,  error 4013 could not restore ipad/iphone

I had the same issue, what I did to reslove the issue was to simply:


1.   Make sure the ipad is in restore mode (waiting for you to plug into itunes with cable symbol)

2.   Use an original ipad cable that came with it our from another ipad

3.   Do not use any type of extension cable between the ipad and the pc/mac

4    Before you plug in your cable to the ipad move it to another USB port on your pc/mac one that you have not tried before or normally use

5.   start itunes by right clicking on itunes run as administrator.

6.   when itunes detects in recovery mode start the recovery.

7.   Your pc/mac now detects the ipad hardware again and installs the driver properly again.


Important that your system re-installs the hardware again on a new USB port you should be able to see this happening after itunes finishes expanding files.



hope that helps.





iPad 2, iOS 7.0.2