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I created a 270GB partition (out of my 320GB hard drive) to install Windows 7. However, during the windows installation, in the list of available partitions, it appeared as 251 GB instead of 270GB. After the installation, I checked the size of the partition by right clicking in the My Computer icon and it appeared as 251 GB, with 230GB available.


Then I restarted and logged back in Lion. Disk Utility would show the partition as 270 GB and no other partitions exist, except for my Mac one.


I am really confused. Why did I lose those 19 GB of my partition and how can I regain them?


I used an Windows 7 Upgrade DVD to do a clean install, with Lion OSX Bootcamp assistant.


I would really appreciate any help, because it is critical to get my system set up as soon as possible.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)