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cannot pair my iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.2 with the bluetooth in my 2014 toyota corolla.  any suggestions?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2
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    Hello hernaedwin,


    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with pairing your iPhone with your Toyota Corolla.


    In my experience, when updates are released for iOS devices, compatible devices release an update to maintain compatibility.  Step 2 from the article below recommends checking with the manufacturer of your car stereo to see if there is a firmware update available for your car stereo:

    2. Update software and firmware if necessary

    Verify that both your car stereo and your device have the latest software versions. Contact the manufacturer to see if any updates are available. If your device does not have the latest version of the iOS, update to the latest software version.


    I recommend reviewing the full article here for additional troubleshooting steps:

    iOS: Troubleshooting car stereo connections



    I also recommend these steps if the issue persists after following all the steps in the previous article:

    Unable to find nearby Bluetooth accessories

    1. If a pairing record already exists, the device does not appear as discoverable. Try to connect the device using that pairing record.
    2. If you are unable to connect using the existing pairing record, delete the record and pair again.
    3. Ensure that the firmware or software on the Bluetooth accessory is up to date.
    4. Ensure that the Bluetooth accessory is charged or connected to power.
    5. Verify that the Bluetooth accessory is using a profile that works with the iOS device.
    6. Turn off both the iOS device and the Bluetooth accessory, then turn both devices on again.
    7. If the issue persists, test Bluetooth with another device or consult the manufacturer's documentation.

    You can find the full article here:

    iOS: Third-party Bluetooth headsets, headphones, and keyboards



    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.



    Sheila M.

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    Have you solved this problem? Experiencing the same thing!

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    I have the corolla 2014 too and it's working fine because my ios is 5.1.1. ios 6 and 7 are kind of crap no background audio and they removed a lot of usefull things.. If i remember correctly in the car Manual the iphone models were listed with the model and compatibility.. I dont remember what was the page.. I have been checking the manual once, just for fun..I know that if you install Entune on the iphone it Will update something in the software of the corolla when you pair the phone by bluetooth.. but i dont know if this will fix the issues.. i will try with my other iphone on ios 7.1.. will see what happen..

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    The toyota info says they will be updating the list in April so maybe this will shed some light for the Toyota owners



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    Okay I have been having the same issues. I went into the Toyota dealership yesterday everyone who worked there owned an iPhone could not get it to pair. The ones who did not own an iPhone did, they are ordering a new head unit for the car and are going to see if this fixes the issue. If not it's on apples part to get there brand up to date or I will have to get a different phone that isn't apple product.


    Also when I first bought the car everything did work( contacts and music were able to connect but now it's just the music, no contacts) there can be that case where it's just the head unit going out and I know that it ***** for being a 2014 brand new car. But I would check with the Toyota dealership your car will still or should still be under warranty, so the head unit will not cost you a thing.