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I have had numerous calendars, all with different colors, for many years.  Just recently, just one of my calendars keeps changing color to light purple.  I change it back to red, then the next sync with iCloud changes it back to purple, across all my devices.    I tried changing it directly on the icloud.com website, but it won't even allow me to change it there.


This sounds minor, but with many calendars, the colors I subconsiously focus on is very important for my work flow.   This just started a month or so ago.  But seemed to allow me to manually change color back.  But after a while Apple would change my color to light purple again.   Now it happens in seconds, not days.


Any fix for this?

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    It seems that my green work calendar is now purple as well.

    In the past work was a light green and personal was a slightly different shade of green.  Now it is purple, not my favorite color but it is distinct.  It would be nice to pick you own colors


    I am an ical user,  rarely do I sign in using icloud via the net however this is how all my devices are linked


    This happened a while back and then reverted, if Apple would just have some notices of this at least we would know there is nothing wrong.  I am getting concerned that my data is not safe !


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    Had a few problems with my Apple devices through time. However, this problem made me sign up on this forum just to make a comment to hopefully give the thread higher priority. I hope something will be done about this issue. Is there a risk all my appointments will be lost? What about my email? Should I stop using iCloud?


    MacBook Air 13'' 2011, OS X 10.8.5

    iPhone 4S, iOS 7


    Calendars affected:

    Work keep changing to purple

    Home keeps changing to blue


    Started: October 10, 2013

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    I am having the same issue. All of a sudden my Work calendar events have changed from Green to purple. This is frustrating because I have events color coded. I wonder if Apple will fix this issue. I've attempted to restart and unsync iCloud but it still defaults to purple. It's bizarre.


    iPhone 5 iOS 7

    iMac 2011 OS X 10.8.5


    Chris Ljucovic RN, ASN, CCMA

    October 10, 2013

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    I am having the same issue, it started on Wednesday.  My calendar reverts to purple and my colleagues' calendars are staying the same color that is assigned to them, but when they view their own calendar they are seeing purple also.  Looking forward to a quick fix.

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    Me too, trying everything to change the colours. I also have several coloured calendars and can not change the main one that continues to appear purple when it should be orange. I have attempted to turn off devices, change on icloud only...etc..but to no avail I find this very frustrating and don't want to bash Apple, but very unprofession. I rely on the colours for a variety of reasons in my business.

    What can we do? I need it fixed asap.

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    Well I did not have orange!   Mine was a different shade of green for work, could hardly tell the difference, between work and home (home was a different shade of green)  now the purple clearly defines this.

    Home is now Blue

    Personal is now Green

    Work is now purple

    No Category is grey

    These details are shown in the left side of ical under iCloud.  The colors match online on the cloud as well

    I think apple has just standardized this,  which is something apple has been known to do.  Just would love to see some sort of notification. 


    All of my devices are consistent right now I am using the most upto date software.  There does not seem to be an option to select the colors they are set as above,

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    New to the forum...I posted and someone replied but it is not on this page?

    My calendar colours are different for each task in my business.

    Someone replied and said that the names of calendars and colours are standard? I don't think they can have a set default?



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    I ended up exporting the affected standard calendars and re-importing them to new custom calendars. Then I deleted the standard calendars. It actually works as a workaround. I can change colours again. However, I'm still worried that Apple would mess with my iCloud data/settings without notifying me.

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    All my business appointments are on Ical.

    I would hate to lose all my client and event appointments for the next year.

    Time machine is backing up, BUT if Apple loses everything, then my back up will back up the current one and everything is lost? Go back to paper! Yuck...


    I don't mind changing colours but they don't stick to the specific calendar.