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I started backing up my computer to an external drive about a year ago, and I prefer to do things manually so I turned off the automatic backup in Time Machine (I use my external hard drive for other things as well as backups, so I can't have it full of backups). I really only need 1–3 backups at a time on my external hard drive, so I had been trashing the backups manually using Finder. However, I came across a post here in the Support Communities from a few years back that said not to do that, and to use Time Machine to remove the older backups. This method makes more sense, but the issue I am having is a bunch of boot.efi files that have collected in the trash that I can't get rid of from when I was trashing the backup folders using Finder. Any idea on how to get rid of the boot files, without breaking my computer? I'm assuming it's the file for starting up the computer, so I understand why it's locked and impossible to delete by emptying the trash.