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kaidomac Level 1 (55 points)
For the past couple of days my Intel Mini has been exhibiting some odd behavior. When I wake it from sleep, the monitor will spring back to life for a moment and then go back into "sleep mode". I will try playing with the plugs, wiggling the mouse and touching keys on the keyboard, and even restarting the Mini using the power button, but nothing works. The first time the DVI connection died, it went out for 12 hours. Later in the same day, it went out again, so I turned to Google for help. I found a user at Accelerate Your Mac who said he had spotty DVI and ended up using the VGA adapter. So I dug up my DVI-VGA adapter and tried that, and to my suprise it worked (my LCD monitor has multiple inputs). For some reason it turned on with a strange resolution in the 1300x700 range or something; my LCD monitor's native resolution is 1680x1050. I set the monitor to 1680x1050 in VGA mode, then switched to DVI and it worked. I did a fresh reinstall with updates just a week or two ago, so I don't think it's an OS problem. I tested my monitor and it's not a DVI connection problem on that end. Anyone heard of this?

G4 Cube, Mac OS X (10.4.4)
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    No - this seems to be different than what I observe with my 5 minis we have at the office. We don't use VGA - but all DVI monitors (apple and dell) work as expected through sleep modes of the mini.

    Are you sure your DVI monitor behaves with another computer attached to it? (and what type of monitor are you using?)
  • kaidomac Level 1 (55 points)
    I'm using a Dell 2005fpw 20.1" widescreen LCD monitor. It has both DVI and VGA inputs. It runs fine on both ports and even goes through the Dell test just fine. I've never encountered an error like this before.
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    Well - I'm out of ideas than the obvious ones of keep changing things until you have a solution (test the mac, test the cable, etc - a slow process of elimination.)

    Have you checked the display preferences and told the mini not to sleep your Dell? Perhaps you can live without that and simply turn it off until you have things sorted out? (I know this is a bad answer since it bypasses something that you wish just worked the way it should - but have nothing else to offer at the moment.)
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    I recommend that you reset the SMC


    Good luck!