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Hello there,


Why is my iPhone 5s crashing a lot with almost every app I use even sometimes when I open Settings? I like the phone so far other than this very annoying issue. This is my 2nd device after returning the 1st one because of the same problem plus and issue with the microphone that seemed to be over heated after a long period of phone call, and maybe this device will end up to be returned too. I've done hard reset/soft reset many times and even tried to restore as new (from scratch) but nothing really has changed.  I enabled the automatically send for diagnostics and usage so that Apple might notice the crazy reports I get from crashing. Please I need help as soon as possible.





iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2, Crash
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    By the way, I am running IOS 7.0.2

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    To me, it sounds like you have some suspicious app(s) on your iPhone.  I suggest deleting any app(s) that are not extremely popular and well used, especially any that use Game Center.

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    Apps work fine sometimes, but sometimes don't and the just crash. But what about settings? Is that also something I can even delete?

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    Here's a list of the apps they crash: (note that the downloaded apps are up to date)


    - Settings

    - MobileSafari

    - MobileSlideShow

    - Facebook

    - Viper

    - Whatapp


    And probably more

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    I don't understand what you're asking.


    "But what about settings?  Is that also something I can even delete?"  I don't follow.


    You cannot delete the "Settings" category.  You can delete some of the apps that have settings set from within settings.  That would delete their settings.


    Say you have a suspicious app called "Zzyzx".  You could delete that app by holding its icon until it wiggles, then click the "X" in its upper left.  If Zzyzx had some settings, deleting the app would delete its settings as well.


    "Apps work fine sometimes, but sometimes they just crash."  Regardless, find those suspicious ones and delete them.  Of course, all Apple's apps cannot be deleted (they would not show the "X" when wiggling the icons).  But that is fine - they are not suspicious.

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    I just saw your list of apps.  What is "MobileSafari"?  Is that something you have in addition to Safari (Apple's built in app)?  If so, that would be the first one to remove.


    Similarly, what is "MobileSlideShow"?  Why would you need or use this?


    Facebook, Viper, and Whatsapp should be fine, as these are widely used.  Settings is not an app.  But I'm surprised that if you listed Settings, what about Music, Photos, Calendar, etc. (all the other Apple apps)?

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    settings are, yes, the settings catogory itself that sometimes crashes while I'm in it. I'm not talking about an app setting, I'm talking about that even settings category crashes which I've never had that before during my 5 years of iDevice ownership.



    All apps are registered and I don't think I have any suspicious one. Plus, I don't even have more than 10 downloaded apps. No gaming.



    I tried deleting all apps and reinstalling them. Same thing.

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    MobileSafari is the actual safari itself that crashes too sometimes. Mobileslideshow is photos sometimes while viewing/sliding photos.


    Is there anyway I can attach a screenshot of the Diagnostics & Usage crashing reports?

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    The way to attach a screen shot is these two steps:


    1.  Take the screen shot by briefly pressing the home and on/off buttons together.  The photo will then appear in your Camera Roll.


    2.  Attach it to your comment in this forum as follows:  When replying using a computer, click the camera icon along the top row of your reply.  You can then include the JPG file.

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    Adel250, what is the full name of Viper? You say you don't have games, so what is the full name?


    Viper the game, is questionable on several levels. First being 4 yeats old, second being the developer's site is closed, and then there are the reviews.

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    I'll try to attach a screenshot shortly once I get my hand on the computer.

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    I'm sorry. It's called Viber with a "B" not a "P" I Misspelled.

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    Did you transfer your backed up info from your old phone into your new phone? I went to the apple store to have my phone looked at for a different reason and when the support guy ran the diagnostics, he found that because I transferred all my old data from my iphone 4 into my 5s, I transferred all the "bugs" that came with it. He was able to see all the times my new phone crashed and pinpointed the bugs that were responsible.


    Try setting up an appointment with your local Apple store to have it checked out. You might just need to restore your Iphone. Make sure you back up your contacts etc. Start fresh!

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    I transferred my info from a iPod Touch 4 to a iPhone 5s. The reason I did that was because I didn't want to lose any of my messages, or photos or things that wouldn't be added back such as apps. My phone crashes almost twice a day. My iPod did too but I figured that was just because it was getting I guess in restoring from my ipod it transferred a bug. Is there a way to figure out what app that might be? I'm upset because the phone was a gift, and I've only had it for a month so I don't want to say I have a problem with it. Please help! Thanks!

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