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  • BajaBarry Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just want to add my input that this needs to be fixed ASAP, otherwise time to switch to Android.

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    I have the same problem both on the Iphone 4s and the Ipad Mini non retina but i have tried the Ipad Mini 2 and still the same issue and it´s annoying. This does not happened on ios 6 and apparently it´s not a memory issue.

  • Scott Raymond Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Oddly enough this may not be just an issue with the iOS or iPads and iPhones. I work on a Windows computer at work and I just installed Safari and set it up. I am having the same refresh/reload issue in tabs of Safari for Windows that I have on the iPad. It will refresh or reload the tabs if it has been a few minutes since I've been to that tab and cause me to have to log back into the site. And one of the sites it keeps having me log back into is iCloud even though I check keep me signed in.


    So, Safari for Windows is completely useless as well.

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    As I know, Safari for Windows has not been supported for months now ... Could be the reason for the issues

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    I have the same issue since upgrading to iOS 7 .. However, the weird thing is that it dorsn't ALWAYS happen. ... It hapens a lot .. But not always .. I am not sure if it's an issue related to iPhone 4S or iOS 7 .. But I hope 7.1 fixes this since it's super annoying !

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    Seeing exactly the same here on both iPad 2 and iPhone 4S since iOS7 upgrade. Contract up for renewal at end of Feb and unless it's fixed by then I'm off to android

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    Haven't been able to multitask on my iPhone 4S since upgrading to iOS7. If a fix doesn't come soon, I'm leaving Apple and going to Android :-(

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    I have the same problem on my iPad2. I noticed when playing Angry Birds and using Safari to look for hints. The problem is definitely caused by Safari from what I can tell. If I have Safari running and switch between that and other Apps, they reset but when Safari is not running, apps switch back and forth and run in the background just fine.


    It seems that Safari is causing memory issues. I checked the Diagnostics and Usage and there are plenty of "low memory" entries....


    I am slowly starting to hate Apple...

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    Same here.

    iPad2 64GB


    The issue showed up after IOS7 installation, although it took me some time to understand exactly what was going on. For some reasons it 'feels' like a memory related problem. I.e. it does not happen when i shortly switch between 'light' apps, like safari and notes, but if I switch from Photoshop to iDraw and then back to PS, the latter reboots from zero and all unsaved work is LOST.

    So the problem is not limited to multitasking not working properly, it may involve data loss!


    Apple please listen!!!!!


    And fix this ASAP

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    I've noticed the same thing with pandora and google maps.  Pandora restarting isn't that big of a deal, but gmaps restarting is a real problem...  Especially when you've searched for a place, and then it's gone, but now you're driving and shouldn't try and screw around with searching for the destination again.  


    That's funny because I also tried to google the problem for a solution a while back and found absolutely nothing...  But it just recently ****** me off again, and now I see I'm not alone.  Bummer. 

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    Yep! I fully agree with you, pablom.

    I think part of the reasons why it is not easy to bump on this kind of discussions through Google, is that most of the keywords you probably use (ipad, ios7, multitasking) take you to different topics, and the 'negative' ones (not working) are too generic to impact on the search engine...

    Anyway it looks like this is the right place. I really hope we can see this sorted out soon.

  • snozdop Level 5 Level 5 (5,800 points)

    Apple aren't here.


    If you want to tell Apple about this issue so they can fix it, do so here:

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    This issue is widely discussed here. Come and join us angry lot.

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    IOS 7 consumes more memory. More memory = less multitasking

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    If by "less multitasking" you mean "no multitasking" I would agree.