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Need urgently help. The self-signed server certificate will expire in 3 days and I have no chance to get through the renewal process under 10.8.5 server app.


1) Server app > Certificates > myServerName.local expires in 3 days

2) I can only do a double-click > View certificate

3) Dialog opens with buttons "Renew…", "Done"

4) Click "Renew…" > "To renew this certificate, you will need to create a certificate signing request." > "Continue"

5) Some information about "Get a Trusted Certificate" > "Cancel", "Next" > "Next"

6) Dialog I have to enter my personal information. Hostname = myServerName.local

7) Then a dialog window shows up with the "Certificate Request"-code. "Provide it to your certificate vendor when prompted. Button "Finish"


After this I end up with a new certificate in the certificates list. It's grayed out and labeled "pending".


What the **** now? What do I have to do?


Thanks for any fast help.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    If you haven't resolved this already, follow the instructions for renewing the self signed certificate under Lion. Yes, I know you're using Mountain Lion Server but the instraitions are the same…




    The only difference is that you will find certadmin at…




    … (assuming Server.app is where it was originally installed) so you will need to substitute this into the renewal command as required.