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Hello. I was hoping someone could tell me how move my songs/mp3 files from my ipod to my mac (why? becuase i have lost ALL of my music on my mac due to a bad installation). Please - for the sake of Jazz-HipHop-Dance-Classical-Lounge-Groove lovers - someone help me

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    We can't officially recommend software here that can be used for piracy.


    I know this is a common problem, you forgot to make a backup of your music on your Mac and your iPod has the only copy.


    Presently iTunes will only copy back from a iPod music that was purchased from iTunes Music Store.


    For rips, MP3's everything (including iTMS), etc you have to turn to other third party software, which we are not allowed to mention here.


    You can find your answer on more liberal forums like MacRumors.


    Next time make plenty of backups, then this problem will not occur again.



    Most commonly used backup methods

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    ds store wrote:


    We can't officially recommend software here that can be used for piracy.


    This situation of a 'one way street' is a business decision by Apple.  To 'reverse the flow' is not piracy but a valid need in some situations.  In terms of legality, it is an issue of what and where the original source of the content and certainly that is not restricted to iPods. 



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    I don't know what works now, or have any inkling what's going on with that as that sort of discussion is not allowed here and I don't even use iPods anymore as cd's are much more eaiser to handle and use, also I won't cry if they are stolen or dropped like iPods do.


    So it's best they ask over there, quite frankly I'm disappointed with all the money I threw away on iPods, I bought dozens.

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    ds store..... i saw u on a post somewhere else about how to reset a mac. my command r button is not working. is there another way around that? the buttons are weird. my cousin gave me it handed down and the volume key doesnt hange the volume and such.... so how else to i get around that?