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Hey all,

I have three users with Portable Home Directories on iMacs that sync with my Mac Mini Server running Mountain Lion Server.


I've got their sync preferences being managed by Workgroup Manager.


Every user is having file issues. Two things are happening. If they delete a file or folder, it returns on the next sync. If they move a file or folder, there is now a copy in each location. I've tried repairing permissions on both the workstations and the server, and I've set the user as the owner of their home folder (and applied to enclosed items) on each workstation.


I could have sworn this was a common problem, but I've found nothing on google or within the apple support forums.


What is causing this, and would it just be best to wipe out and reinstall all three computers (not the server please not the server!)?



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    I usually find thing sort of thing happens when you have mobile home directories set up but then log into those accounts as network user accounts.


    Another thing I would check is that file/folder permissions match between the mobile home account and the server version of the account… both should be owned and writable by the account holder. If a user can't write and overwrite files across the board things will also constantly get kicked back as you describe.


    My guess is that you didn't set the accounts up correctly in the first place by cutting corners by copying/duplicating between them.