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I have an iPhone, iMac and MacBook Air, my iCal is synced through iCloud and I have never had any problems with it before. But in this last week, one of my calendars has been changing from one colour to another, green to purple in this case. I'll change it back to green and within a few minutes it will change to custom purple. I have edited it on my phone as well and it reverts to this custom purple on there too.


Wondering what I can do to fix it.

MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), iPhone 5 iOS 7 & iMac OSX10.8.5
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    I too have been having exactly the same problem with my iCal across my devices for the last few days with Green changing to Purple and have tried to change it back many times. Mine takes a matter of seconds to change back to Purple after resetting it to Green which is getting quite frustrating, especially when all my work meeting are coloured green and have been for many years!

    All other colours have remained the same and have shown no changes.


    Would be great to find a fix - very soon!

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    I went into the Genius Bar and after a little fidgeting, figured it out.


    We exported the calendar that was doing it onto the desktop then deleted it from Calendar. Then we imported it back it and it fixed the issue.


    Hope it works for you too!

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    Thank you for the info and glad you got it fixed! Mine seams to have sorted itself out on its own and is finally staying Green...for the time being! However if I have any problems again I will keep the exporting/importing in mind. Thanks again!