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I recently signed up for iTunes Match, everything has worked perfectly. The problem I am having is playback in my Vehicle.  I have an iPhone 5 connected via USB.  My vehicle can only index up to 10,000 songs and my iTunes Match library on my phone has approximately 11,600 songs.  Because I am over the limit of songs my vehicle can index, I can not play music.

Is there a way to select only certain songs to sync to my iPhone from iCloud but keep them in iTunes on my home Mac? I am using ios7 and iTunes 11.1.1

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    Hello mb1313,


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    For more information on this, take a look at:


    iTunes Store: How to delete songs from iCloud



    To delete an item from iCloud in iTunes

    1. From a computer with iTunes Match enabled, open iTunes 10.5.1 or later on your computer. You can download the latest version of iTunes here.
    2. Click Music on the left side of iTunes.
    3. Select the item you would like to delete. Right-click the item and then choose Delete.
    4. You will be asked to confirm this action.
    5. If the item you want to delete exists in iTunes on your computer as well as in iCloud, click the checkbox to also delete the item from iCloud.


    When deleting an item from iCloud, the deleted item will also be deleted from any iPod, iPhone, or iPad enabled for iTunes Match which syncs with your iTunes library.



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    There is a way to delete tracks from match without deleting from your iTunes library.


    When you use match, the iCloud status is shown. This tells you if the track has been matched, uploaded or purchased. You can see iCloud status in song view by going to menu > view > view options.


    Now, you can create a new blank library then sign into match. You will now see all the tracks that you have in cloud. You can select tracks that you don't want in the cloud and then delete from the cloud. The tracks are not not deleted from cloud.


    Now reopen original library, the tracks deleted from cloud will have an iCloud status of "removed". These songs will be ignored when match scans your library.


    This way you can keep the number of tracks under 10k.



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    I think I found a solution to this problem.


    Computer A: Contains original library with all the music files and is connected to iTunes Match.


    Computer B: Connected to Computer A's library on iTunes Match.


    On Computer B, delete the files from your library. It will ask if you'd also like to delete them from iCloud. Respond Yes.  When you return to Computer A, the files are still in your library, but it says that they have been removed from iCloud.


    I think this solves the problem, but I have not approached the 25,000 limit yet to test it out.



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    This is a solution if you have two computers. If you don't have a second computer, create a second library as I described in my earlier post. Same results.



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    Another method might be for you to create a playlist, download only those songs to the iPhone, then do not show cloud-based tracks on the iPhone. That way the car audio system would have much fewer tracks to index.