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I love being able to make groups in your contacts list but really this ability has very little usefulness since the noly thing you can do is see the group.  Wouldn't it be great if you could just type the name of your group in a text or email and send your message to everyone in the group?  It seems like the operating system is set up for this to work perfectly but it just doesn't.  Does anyone know if they will ever add this feature?  I have been saying this since the 3gs. 

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.2
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    Sorry for not replying sooner, but I just came across your question.


    MailShot Pro will allow you to do just this- it creates special contacts you can use from Mail, and tens of thousands of compatible apps like Photos, Pages etc. When you send an email to the MailShot contact, it gets sent out to the entire group. You can turn address book groups into MailShot groups, and over 250,000 people are now using it for group email.


    Compared to other group email apps it has two advantages- you can use it right from the Mail app, and you can forward emails to a group, including all attachments.


    You can try it on the App Store at http://jo.my/mailshot 

    A free version is also available to try, which only addresses smaller groups.


    Soluble Apps

    Disclosure: I am the developer of MailShot Pro and may benefit from its sale.