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I have purchased several songs from itunes and they download easily. I have a few songs that will not download. they show up on my playlist like they are there but when I try to play them they skip to the next song so just wont play at all. any suggestions?

iPhone 4, iOS 7
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    This typically happens when the files get corrupted during the download process.

    Delete the ones that skip and redownload them.


    Go to iTunes Store > Purchased (in the Quick Links section on the right) > Sign in > Music

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    Thank you, however...they show up under various artists and the download section. there is a cloud with a red arrow off to the right...when I press that it asks me if i want to download over cellular. not sure what that means. and not sure why it is just 4 songs out of 56 songs that it is doing this

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    You posted in the iTunes for Windows forum so I thought you were downloading them on your computer.


    If they have a cloud then they are purchases that are not currently on your device but are available for download. If you are not connected to WiFi then they will be downloaded via your cellular data connection.