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I have neever been so unhappy with an upgrade as I am with iOs7. What a mess they made of everything. Why dod theyt have to re-invent the wheel? My Youtube doesn't work and surfing the internet went to a crawl. Can someone give me some advice on how to get the old software back?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Update keeps installing old softwar
  • David Shanahan Level 3 Level 3

    You cannot revert to an older release of iOS once you have upgraded to iOS 7. Many, many people are using iOS 7 with few or no issues since upgrading so it is possible to get it working.


    Instead of trying to go back to iOS 6 (or whatever version you were previously using, you didn't say which it was), which you cannot do, you would be better advised to try getting to the bottom of why you are having issues with iOS 7. For a start what model iPad are you using and what version of iOS were you using before upgrading?


    When you say "my Youtube doesn't work" what do you mean exactly? Does the app crash, does it stall during playback, or does it give some error message? Are you using the latest version of the Google YouTube app?


    There have been many app updates issued for iOS 7 compatibility prior to and since iOS 7 was released, have you been installing them? Have you got automatic app updates set on in the iOS 7 Settings?

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    Sorry, downgrading the iOS is not supported.


    First thing to do is reset your iPad. Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the device restart. See if that fixes your problem.


    If that doesn't help choose the most prevalent problem you are experiencing and ask about this in a new thread. Be sure to explain what you are trying to do, what happens and what, if any, error messages you encounter.

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    My iPad is the iPad 3

    My Mac is the  3.2 GHz Intel Core i3


    We have tried resetting at least 4 times. It's not just my iPad because my Mac Youtube isn't working either. The video acts like it's going to play, but the wheel just spins and the screen is black. The play symbol is in the play mode all this time, but the video doesn't play. I checked with the internet provider and there is no problem with my connection. My netflix plays OK.


    I checked the Apple menu on my Mac and it says there are no updates available. It says I am running iOs10.7.5

    The same thing on my iPad 3, says I have the latest software..... iOs7.0.2 Are these the latest versions?


    When I search the internet, I find a lot of people are having the same problem as I am.

    I have an app on my iPad called Downloader Plus. I reported a problem to them and they said that it's iOs7 being not compatable and Apple needs to fix it. to fix the software.


    I have always been up to date on software downloads, so I had the most recent software before the iOs7 update.(I think it was iOs6)

    All my problems stared immediatley after my iOs7 update.

  • David Shanahan Level 3 Level 3

    I was talking about your iOS apps, not your OS X apps. Check that you have automatic app updates set on the iPad in Settings>iTunes & App Store>AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS:>Updates (on) so it will automatically download and install any updated iOS apps as they become available. A lot of apps were updated for iOS 7, you need to ensure that any you have that were are updated on your iPad. iOS 7.0.2 is the latest version of iOS.


    I've no idea about the Downloader Plus app, from their App Store listing they don't seem to have issued an update for iOS 7 compatibility, maybe it's compatible with iOS 7 or maybe it isn't.


    If YouTube videos aren't playing on your Mac either (are you using Safari or another browser on the Mac?) then your YouTube problem is pretty obviously nothing to do with your iOS YouTube app (or iOS 7), it has to be some issue with your internet connection.


    How is surfing the web on your Mac? Is that slow too or is it just slow on your iPad? If it's slow on the Mac also then once again this is  not an iOS issue, it's something to do with your internet connection.

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    I just checked internet speed and it is normal at 10MB Download. I was using Firefox and Chrome before the update, but they were affected even more that Safari, so I started using Safari because it would at least play Youtube if I clicked pause play about 6 times to play a video.

    I went to settings on my iPad and set the automatic downloads in the iTunes store.

  • David Shanahan Level 3 Level 3

    You mean you were using Firefox and Chrome on your Mac before the update? And the update you're referring to is when you updated your iPad to iOS 7?


    If this is correct then I can only say it is not an iOS problem, updating iOS can't possibly affect YouTube operation on your Mac! iOS on an iPad can't possibly stop YouTube working in three different OS X web browsers.


    It sounds like some issue to do with your internet connection that just happened to coincide with you updating iOS on your iPad. Get the Mac and your network sorted out -- playing YouTube and web browsing, etc., and then see how iOS on the iPad behaves.

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    Yes, I used Chrome and Firefox before, but when I started having problems I tried Safari.


    I updated iPad and Mac on the same day because there was an update due for Mac. I think (Hope) you're right and it's a problem with my internet. Youtube still doesn't play on my Mac, and not well on the iPad.


    I don't really care for Safari becaause I like to open two or more windows at the same time and it seems there is no way unless you click on file. I would have thought someone at Google would have caught on and added that feature in the tool bar.

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    Okay, this is the first you've mentioned about having done an OS X update on the same day as iOS 7. You're on OS X 10.7.5 now? What version of OS X did you upgrade from? You know the current release of OS X is 10.8.5 and that's a paid upgrade from the Mac App Store right? (I'm not suggesting you need to install that right now, just ensuring you know it exists.) And that OS X 10.9 is very close to being released too?


    At this point it might be a good idea to verify you are on the latest versions of your Mac software as well - Firefox is up to version 24.0, is that what you've got? Chrome appears to be 30.0.1599.69 currently, but it should update itself automatically without you having to do anything.


    Hmm, what about Adobe Flash, what version of that are you using on the Mac? If you're not sure then go to www.adobe.com/flashplayer and verify you have the latest version installed (which is 11.9.900.117 it seems), if not update to the latest version from there (recent versions of Flash player install a control panel in System Preferences that can be set to automatically install new versions of Flash as they are released, it is highly recommended you have this enabled).


    Once you've verified the above it might be a good idea to power cycle your router/modem too. Switch them off and wait about 30 seconds before switching them on again. (Btw, what sort of internet connection are you using - ADSL, cable, fibre, something else?) If they're having problems then it would affect both the Mac and iPad's internet access and explain the symptoms you're experiencing.

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    Hi David

    To be honest I am not sure what I updated from in my OS X All I do is agree to install when the automatic update says there is an update available for my Mac. I'm curious when we pay thousands of dollars to Apple for the best computer why we have to keep shelling out the clams to keep it running. What does the new update do that we have to pay for? I appreciate you telling me about it and I guess I need to know whaat it does. I'll try and find some reading on it.


    FIREFOX - I'm trying to decide what to run for a browser now. The reason I switched to Firefox is because it was said to be faster than Safari. I noticed also that when I view Youtube videos with Safari, we are bombarded with friggin commercials to no end.


    CHROME - I have been contemplating discarding my Google account because it seems Google wants to force us to go through them to access all my other accounts, and now they are getting to the point that when I try to open an account like Netflix or Facebook or other accounts, they try to force me to sign in with my Google account and they don't give me any other options. I am very upset as are many others with this communist turn Google has done. I don't want to change my email, but I may have no choice. I went into my Google account settings and chose to disconnect my other accounts from Google, but they still Hi-Jack my other accounts even when I choose not to connect them.


    Now this morning I noticed my Spell Check isn't working. I have it set to check spelling automatically in Language and Text.


    I have been trying to figure out how to check my version of Adobe Flash. Where can I find it to check it? It's not in my Applications folder like it's supposed to be. You're a little over my head with installing a control panel to install updates. I'll try going to Adobe.com/flashplayer andd try to update.


    I have power cycled my modem several times with no change. I am using Centurylink for my internet which is the worst I have ever seen for reliability. There aren't a lot of choices where I live. Every time I have trouble ith them and make the dreaded phone call to 611, they say there are no problems and want me to go through a barage of their stupid tests that never work because the problem is on their end. I think they over sell the service and at peak usage times the bandwidth is sucked dry.