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ZeddPI Level 1 (0 points)

Only problem is it connects to the wireless n network instead of the AC network.


I can sometimes get it to connect to the AC, but it always defaults back. I am not sure if it is an apple seting I am screwin up or a problem with netgear. Any ideas?

aireport extreme router AC, Windows 7
  • LaPastenague Level 8 (48,844 points)

    Set a different name to the 5ghz in the Extreme so you can force the Netgear to join just AC wireless .. it will fall back to 2.4ghz if the performance of 5ghz is poor.. or 2.4ghz is actually faster.. 5ghz still has range issues.. and the extreme is really not going to do any better than most other routers at this.

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    Since the update to the airport extreme, I cannot see my ac(5ghz) network with my A6200 adapter.

    I setup the router again, gave the 5ghz a new name. Connected all other IOS devices. Resetup the A6200 adapter etc...

    It only shows my 2.4ghz network.

    Running windows 7 with newest driver for Netgear A6200.

    Also tried the older driver the adapter came with.

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    I changed the channel setting on the 5ghz network from automatic to manual then Lowered the channel down from the higher Number.

    The A6200 then could see the network and join.