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I have updated my phone to iOS 7 and since then, non of my music from my CDs and previous computers' mp3s are syncing! They are on my iTunes program and I am able to select the artist and album, and what not, on my Phone menu. I Apply and Sync however, when I check my phone, STILL only my iTunes bought songs are on my phone! It's frustrating because I have lots of music I transfered from my PC and before iOS 7 I had ALL of my music.

Is there some kind of format I have to change? Is there some set up in the song's info?


Before you guys answer the usual "did you turn it on and off" bogus...here is what I have already done:


-I HAVE tried turning it on and off

-I have even converted my files from MP3 to AAC, didn't work.

-I have tried wiping my iphone and trying everything again

-I have even restored my iphone to the previously backed up state.

-I have typed in and researched all of the info one could possibly need to know about each song (Artist, Genre, Album Name ect)

-I have tried my music as a seperate playlist

+and music that HAS gone onto my iphone that isn't from iTunes, IS there but skips when it's in Play mode.


Currently I'm working off of an iMac (not that it should matter). I have my iTunes, computer AND phone updated to the most current version.


Now, someone please tell me a solution that WORKS because so help me, I have been on waaaaay too many communities and blogs and faq pages.


Thank You for your assistance and I appologize for the abruptness of my request. Nothing really good has occured since I have upgraded to iOS 7 on my iPhone 4s.