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Currankei Level 1 Level 1

The trackpad on my Macbook Air has to be pushed down on very hard. Is there a way to increase trackpad sensitivity?


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  • Tlix Level 4 Level 4

    The trackpad should be touch sensitive. If you need to apply any level of force it sounds like it may be faulty. I'd suggest getting an service provider or Apple store to look at it.

  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8

    If this is something that occurred recently your MacBook's battery may require replacement. Get it replaced before it becomes a major problem.

  • Currankei Level 1 Level 1

    My Macbook Air is a month old. And, this lettering is really small. Anyway, it's takes me TWICE the amount of time to make corrections than on my  iMa.Or correct the mistake I made while trying to correct a mistake. I can't get that damned "blinking line" that indicates where you're typing or deleting FROM. Text jumps all over the page. Three times an hour I open spotlight SOMEHOW. It's a total crapshoot where the "icon line" ends up, which word it splits, whether I'm cutting from the line I want to cut, or from the line above or below it. I feel like I'm endlessly TAKING AIM

  • Currankei Level 1 Level 1

    That's really IT. I have to hit the trackpad hard, and I just HOPE that it will land where I want it to land. It's like THROWING DARTS. There's no ACCURACY. Plus, I ALWAYS have t double click to do EVERYTHING. This was not the case with prior trackpads.

  • Currankei Level 1 Level 1

    I guess I just can't believe hat with everything you CAN adjust, you cannot adjust the sensitivity of your only way of communicating from mind to document -- THE TRACKPAD. It seems to me it should just be a sliding bar, like "speed". Why ISN'T it? Grrrrr.

  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8

    Either use "tap to click" in System Preferences > Trackpad, or contact AppleCare. What you describe does not seem normal.


    Please update your profile since "Mac OS X (10.7.1)" implied your MacBook is not brand new.

  • sanjampet Level 5 Level 5

    As John Galt said, take it in to an Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Provider, there might be a battery problem or something else possibly. If it is only a month old, you have a full warranty in place, so take full advantage of this. (Make genius bar appointment in advance, as they usually quite busy.



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  • Currankei Level 1 Level 1

    I discovered that, in general, I was just tapping much too hard! All that's required is the lightest of touches. I am adjusting, but I still feel like I have to "take aim" every time I want to fix a misspelling, or edit just a word. The curser bar will blink above where I ant UR, below, etc. also, this is while using Final Draft on a MacBook Air.