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Hi everyone.


So i got my new iPhone 5S the day it came out and since then its been great. I've had no issues at all except the poor battery life (i hope this is software like iOS6, not a hardware issue). Anyhow, yesterday i was taking some nice photos of my fish tank to share with some friends... I took a burst of about 6 photos then the camera froze. At this stage i thought nothing of it so i closed the app and reopened it. The shutter wouldn't open no matter how long i waited.


I have tried opening the app all the different ways i can think of (the app itself, from facebook, from messages etc) and this just crashes the app. If i try open it from the lock screen by swiping up it crashes my whole phone and resets itself.


I've also noticed my torch/flashlight app is greyed out on the Control Centre.


So far i've tried a hard reset, using third party apps, and doing a full backup & restore from iTunes. None of these have worked, and here i am, trying to find some answers.


Has anyone else had this issue? Should i return it to apple?





iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2
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    I've had the same issue. I contacted support. They had me do a backup & restore too, but still no good. I'll be getting in touch with Apple Support again. They thought it was a software issue but now I'm a bit worried since my flashlight icon from the Control Center is also greyed out and I can't get my other 3rd party app to turn the LED on either.

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    Bubba, I am experiencing the exact same thing. My camera is crashing, exactly as NFC describes above but the grayed-out flashlight icon on Control Center really concerns me. I think I'll skip calling Apple Care and just go straight to the Genius Bar appointment.

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    My 5S has the same symptoms (app crashing, greyed out flashlight).  The camera does occasionally turn on only to turn into one of those glitch photo apps (half pixelated purple).  The only way to get out of that I have found is to restart the phone.


    Worst part of all of this is that it start happening during a NIN show and I was able to grab only a couple of pics before I gave up.  Maybe my phone was teaching me a lesson about paying attention to performances?  (Amazing show BTW.)


    Going to the Apple store today to see what they can do.  Extremely frustrating.

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    I had the same problem, it is a hardware issue. Back up your info, Completely reset the phone and still see if you have the problem (this is what apple did).  Still the same problem, so Apple replaced it.  Doesn't seem to be fix, they will just have replace it.

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    They reset my phone and it's been working for 2 days.  It wasn't just a restore, they cleared it out and set it up as if it was new.  They told me not to restore from my backup b/c there was possibly a corrupt application causing the issue. 


    The backup is only data not apps, those are downloaded from app store after you restore.  So since I didn't think data (music, photos, etc..) causing the issue, I restored it anyways when I got home and so far so good.

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    I've been having what sounds like the same problem...


    I've noted this camera crash in 2 seperate apps, including Camera +. The trigger seems to be if there is a button to lock the exposure. But if an app features tap to hold to lock exposure, there is no crash.  It's looking like this could be hardware issue.


    Also I have only been able to reproduce this crash on the 5s. The 5 and 5c seems to be fine. So this could possibly be a 64bit related issue.

    Do the crashes you've been seeing look anything like this?  Has anyone had any feedback from Apple?



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    I have same issues with my iPhone 5s. Only app that is affected so far is Procamera. And it happens only when I use exposure lock like fewsha wrote above. The crash looks very similar to that from fewsha. I had another crash with pink grain all over the screen, too.

    I use other photo apps without an issue, like 645Pro, Mattebox and the build-in camera.


    This screenshot is from Procamera.


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    Hi fewsha,

    I am having the same thing u showed. Any luck to fix this instead of replacing it? TIA.