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A while ago I posted this "call to arms" for Apple users. I want to request that Apple make iChat independant from AOL and I want them to make iChat available for Windows. If anyone has had problems chatting with a PC from a Mac, you know that it can be frustrating even for seasoned computer users of both platforms. A dual platform iChat would be the ultimate answer to the problem and if you want an example of how easy it could work, download Yak for Free ( ) and see for yourself. Yak for Free is a chat program for all platforms. IT IS EASY and TROUBLE FREE. You dont need to mess with ports, routers yada yada yada.

If we all request that iChat be made available for windows with the release of "Leopard", we might be able to make Apple fix the problems we have all faced trying to chat with our PC friends and families, and it will make iChat easier to use for everyone. Go here to make the request, I have several times.

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WHEN will iChat work with the new AIM?
Posted: Jan 7, 2006 1:37 PM

OK, everyone with a Mac is pretty bright (otherwise we wouldn't have a Mac now would we?) but we are unbelievably tethered to a very controlling company that likes to keep its users stupid: AOL. When I first found out that iChat was dependent on AOL servers, I thought it was a recipe for disaster, and now that disaster is here. The new version of AIM (Triton) does not work with iChat. At least not the video function. Apparently the chat function works, but who the Hades needs that? You can find 20 chat programs with better features than AOL. The only reason Mac users need AOL to work is because not all of us have been successful in converting our family members to Mac yet. I went home for the holidays, bought my brother and mom a Logitech Pro 4000 camera (because Apple has stupidly refused to make iSight available for PC users even though it is far and away the best camera on the market). I installed the latest version of AIM on their computers, came back to my world domination headquarters in Japan and then found out, while still irritable from jetlag, that it DOESN'T WORK. Ridiculous:
Q: Is AIM Triton compatible with AIM 5.9, AOL 9.0 and iChat?
A: : AIM Triton works seamlessly with AIM 5.9, AOL 9.0 and iChat. You can send and receive instant messages with your buddies using any of these clients. Certain features may not work across all clients at this time. Voice Chat with more than two people only works with other Triton users. Video Chat will work only between two Triton users at this time.

SO, what do we do? Wait on the weak link of the chain to weld itself only to break later again? Here are my answers to my rhetorical question:

Screw AOL! How can you "think different" under a picture of Einstein when you are partnered with a company that teaches its user to use the "AOL Keyword" 'NFL' instead of typing '' into the stupid address bar?!? How should we screw AOL?

1) APPLE SHOULD CREATE ITS OWN CHAT SERVERS. No more dependence on the foolish to promote the communication of the learned. If we can put Apple stores all over the world, we can put up our own chat servers. Time to use some of last year's profits Apple.

2) MAKE ICHAT AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS USERS AND INDEPENDENT FROM AOL/AIM. Because I want to talk to my family without interruption by stupid platform changes by the idiot herders.

3) MAKE ISIGHT AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS USERS. Even if only a small percent of PCs have the ability to handle the requirements of iSight, it will dominate the market.

What do you think o' faithful of Apple. Are you with me? It is time to make these demands because I for one am sick of the crippling effect of one lame leg on a biped in a marathon.


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