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My iPhone 5 can no longer access my Yahoo mail for 3 days now.  The Yahoo mail won't push and when I try to update it in my mailbox I get the message "Cannot Get Mail.  The connection to the server failed."  I tried deleting my Yahoo mail and adding it back, but still have the same problem.  I tried changing my Yahoo pasword, but this did not help.  I tried adding my Gmail mail to my iPhone and this works fine, no problems.  This problem happened the same day that Yahoo made a major change to their email program.  I update to IOS 7 about 10 days ago.  I can access my Yahoo mail on my iPhone via the web with no problem.


I have browsed some of the forums and done searches on this problem, but have seen much evidence of this problem occurring recently to anyone else.  There seems to have problems like this in the past, but not much lately.


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iPhone 5,  IOS 7.0.2,  Verizon Wireless

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2