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Over the years, I have used various cameras and scanners collecting images in my research.  I just checked a random sample of the sizes of several images I have in iPhoto.

The sizes of the originals runs the gamut:  I have some as small as 468 x 624 pixels=119KB, to huge ones up to as large as 7000 x 5096=7.2 MB.


The book I am planning will eventually contains hundreds of photos, but I fear running into the 2.0 Gig cap for the book--which would interefere with the size limit to be sold on the iBooks bookstore.


Can anyone point me to a page of standards, defining what optimum sizes are for my image files?  I know that it is best to complete any editing on the images prior to importing them into iBA. 


I want the photos to be able to be zoomable to full page on iPads and MacBooks with Retina displays.  I want to make the flies smaller, but still maintian the integrity of the images.


Also, is there an ideal resolution?  A friend suggested 72 dpi. Many of the scans are at 300dpi. 


I may have to serialize the book and divide the book into separate editions, but I'd really rather not do it that way.

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