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I have a one year old iMac 27" machine running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5.   Also using iMovie 11


I have been producing 8 minute long football highlight video's for the past year.  About 30 of them so far.  During the season (now) it's one a week.  I've got three different video cameras and two photographers going on this with me.  So everything is fine until this year, when dragging photo's into my iMovie project, some random photo's won't work.  When the curser goes over the photo all I get is black or blank.  Or sometimes a distorted still of a video or photo of a nearby clip, although as i move the cursor the photo eventually becomes black.


I've tried re-booting, unplugging and that does not work.  I have edited the photo in iMovie again and that worked once.  But something seems to be holding up iMovie from reading the photo.  One time I re-imported all the photo's and then I could place them in iMovie.  I thought then that it had something to do with the import into iPhoto.  But then it happend on a photo I've had for over a year and use in each weeks video and it showed up blank.


I've read a lot of the discussions on this page and maybe it has something to do with the audio issues people are having?  one thing I did differently this year is that I have been using a trailer intro.  The pyramid one.  Along with the sound. I use it at the beginning of each weeks video.  Do you think that is effecting anything?  I'm going to try building the video without the pyramid this week and see what happens. 


This is a frustrating issue as I cannot get the photo's I need in the project at times.  Just takes so much longer to get this done...  Looking for solution.


Oh yeah, all my video is on an external drive.  iPhoto is on internal drive with over 6,000 photos.  wonder if my internal drive is developing an issue?


Looking for answers.  Would appreciate any help at all!



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 16GB of Memory