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After upgrading Apple TV software to version 6.0, I cannot watch my purchased movies and TV shows. Nor I have the option to downgrade to the previous version. Any suggestion?

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    Welcome to the Apple community.

    Check your account details are correct, check that you are using the correct details for Location, Region and Time Zone. You may want to change these settings and then change them back to see if that helps.


    You might also try logging out of and then back into your iTunes account and restarting your router.

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    It is a bug, lots of us are having trouble with rented movies not playing.  Mine plain don't show up anywhere.  Major Apple bug they need to acknowlege and fix ASAP.  I've got two movies rented several days ago, still won't show up.  It never took more than a few minutes for a movie to be available for viewing before.  Very messed up.  Restarting my router didn't fix anything.

  • OMisanK Level 1 Level 1

    I think I've tried everything possible for a regular user: Apple TV box reset and restore (a few times), reviewed all the settings, upgraded iTunes version in computer, changed e-mail and password in both iTunes and Apple TV box, etc.

    I may have not informed that I was able to watch a whole episode of one of my purchased TV Shows after each restore. After that, it begins to download the program but goes immediately back to the page where it shows a summary of the episode and the Play button.

    Other options, like Netflix, are OK. Also OK is the list of purchased movies and TV Shows. The problem happens only when I try to watch one of them.

    Everything was functioning perfectly before the upgrade. My daughter also has an Apple TV box with the older system and doesn't have any problem.

  • OMisanK Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't tried with rented movies, but my difficulties appear only with purchased movies and TV shows.

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    I can not play my purchased movies  too with the latest update ... Cannot rent new movie and while trying to play purchased song it says "no content can be found"


    Something is broke in the latest release

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    I am having the exact same problem. I select a purchased show to watch and its starts loading and then goes back to the previous screen. The problem started immediately after upgrading to version 6. I hope Apple releases a fix quickly!!!

  • OMisanK Level 1 Level 1

    I've just discovered that I'm able to view my purchased movies and TV shows in a computer, at least with the older version of the iTunes. Haven't tried it with the new version of iTunes.

    So the problem really seems to be with the upgraded Apple TV.

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    I can watch my purchased shows on my Apple TV that I have not yet upgraded to version 6. The apple tv that is upgraded will not play purchased shows.

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    I told apple is was the update but they don't listen

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    Here's a lame work around if you're desperate to get one of your kids purchased shows to play like I am. Download movie on iPhone or iPad and use airplay to play it on the apple TV.  Lame but show is playing and she quit crying!  Hope somebody at apple is listening.  Real bad!!

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    See the following thread to see if your problems are similar: I do not know if you are experiencing problems with renting or purchasing items from the Apple TV through iTunes, if so see: https://discussions.apple.com/message/23399558#23399558  to determine if there are the same problems you are experiencing.  I have spent over 6 hours on this issue trying to isolate if it is a hardware, software, network, iTunes account, or Apple device issue.  My initial results indicate it is a software specific issue related to the Apply TV hardware device.

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    I'm now looking for instrunctions on how to downgrade my Apple TV system. Any suggestion?

  • OMisanK Level 1 Level 1

    Before trying to downgrade my Apple TV software, I tried to restore it through iTunes and it worked!



    2- Run the iTunes program.

    3- Connect the Apple TV box to the computer through a mini usb cable. (As stated in many posts in the Internet, it may not be recognized by iTunes. If so, try another cable. Some of them are not capable to power up the ATV box.)

    4- iTunes will show a 'Restore' button. Click it and wait.

    5- Reconnect the ATV box in your TV.


    It worked for me. I am now being able to watch my purchased movies and TV shows.


    Good luck.