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Okay, so I recenltly bought a movie earlier today off my iPhone, and I waited until I got home to download it on to my computer because I find that it's easier to transfer to my other devices that way. Well, all was going well and then for some reason it started going really slow so I went and reset my modem several times until I could finally get back to my downloads on my account. Well now every time I go to try to download it again it says "We could not complete your iTunes request" "The iTunes store is temporarily unavailable, Please try again later" So I tried again several times hoping it would start working again, and to no avail, it kept giving me the same mesage over and over again. So then I thought that maybe I could try to download it on my phone, and it would load and then go away and say "the iTunes store is unavailable." After reading a few other things from people on the internet I found that it may just be my account, and they were right, my Mom's account works just fine, but after logging out of mine, it won't even log back in to my account and I can't download music, movies, ect. Or even look at my account. I'm so frustrated right now and I have no idea what to do, I mean, I can't even open my account without getting an error message, and I've done everything apple says to do on their support page many times and nothing works. PLEASE HELP. PLEASE.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2, Macbook Pro 2008 OSX 10.8.5