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I have just purchased an iPhone 5 for my wife. When I set up I used my iCloud account. This morning I added a new iCloud account for her. Her iCloud account does not appear on the phone and now she cannot get on the internet or get mail. She gets two error messages every time she tries to get mail or search the internet . The messages read: cannot get mail the connection to server failed and the other message is the mail server "pop3.live.con" is not responding. Verify that you have correct account info in mail setting.


Everything was working fine until I set up the additional iCloud account on her phone. Any help you could offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2, We are new to iPhones.
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    Hey there Rampphil,


    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

    It sounds like the network connection from the phone to the internet is not working correctly.

    This is where I would recommend starting your troubleshooting:

    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections


    1. Be sure you're in range of your Wi-Fi router (access point).
    2. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi off and on. If your Wi-Fi setting is dimmed, follow these steps.
    3. Confirm that your Wi-Fi router and cable or DSL modem are connected to power, turned on, and connected to the Internet. If not, refer to your network administrator or Internet service provider (ISP) for assistance.
    4. Restart your iOS device.
    5. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and locate the Wi-Fi network to which you're connected.
    6. Tap TS1398_i.png and Forget this Network.
    7. Try to connect to your desired Wi-Fi network.
      Note: You may need to enter your Wi-Fi password again if your network requires one.
    8. Turn your Wi-Fi router off and on2. If your ISP also provides cable or phone service, check with them before attempting this step to avoid interruption of service.
    9. Update your device to the latest version of software.
    10. Update your Wi-Fi router to the latest firmware2. For AirPort Base Stations, install updates using the AirPort Utility.


    If that doesnt resolve the issue, I would next try this section from down toward the bottom:


    Unable to access the Internet while connected to Wi-Fi

    1. If you're using a public or commercial network, you may need to log in or subscribe.
    2. Check to see if you have a self-assigned IP address:
      1. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and locate the Wi-Fi network to which you're connected and tap .
      2. If your IP address is 169.254.xxx.xxx, you may not be able to access the Internet.
    3. If you do not have a self-assigned IP address, see if other Wi-Fi devices on your network have Internet access.
      • If they do not, consult with your network administrator or ISP for further assistance.
      • If they do, reset network settings on your device by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note: This will reset all network settings including:
        • previously connected Wi-Fi networks and passwords
        • recently used Bluetooth accessories
        • VPN and APN settings


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