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Hi all I am a little frustrated and wanted some help with multiple Apple IDs.


So originally i created my apple account with a gmail address

Then i got a me.com address but couldnt change it over to my apple account

Now today i see in my email that apple has reserved an icloud address for me


My issue is that I have my one and only apple account on an old gmail address and would like it to be on my me.com address but there is no way to change it or link it without loosing all of my purchase history.


So apple what is your plan? do you really want to loose all your customers history. Can anyone advise....of all the apple issues this constant changing of email addresses is driving me batty.

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    The icloud.com address that Apple would have reserved should be a variation on your me.com address and they can be used interchangeable.


    As long as all you did was create a me.com email address you can change the gmail address Apple ID to that address.


    Changing the email address you use for your Apple ID -



    But if you have actually created an Apple ID from the me.com address, then no, there is nothing that can be done, as you have already done it. And Apple does not combine Apple IDs no ransfer the content from one Apple ID to another Apple ID.