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Should I import GoPro camera protune videos into FCPX? Or do I have to use the GoPro software to convert it somehow before importing it? I find that the protune video have an extreme level of noise in low light situation. Is this a sign that FCPX should not be used directly with such videos?

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    If the GoPro MP4 videos are not supported by FCPX, you can try to convert the MP4 videos to MOV for FCP. here is an easy solution, MP4 to MOV Converter, which can help you solve this program.

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    Do not purchase this unnecessary software.

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    You probably can import the media and optimize it when you import. Without knowing the complete specs of the original files it's hard to say. You may need to convert it rather than optimize it. If you do convert it use the free MPEG Streamclip, which is excellent. Convert to QuickTime using the ProRes codec.


    If there is a lot of noise in the dark images it will will very hard to fix. There is a a DeNoiser from Neat Video that works well, though I'm not sure it isn't broken in the current version. Converting the video is not going to fix this.