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How can I correct "error 4310" when I try and burn an audio CD?

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    When experiencing issues with burning CDs in iTunes, here are a couple resources I would recommend going through. 


    Can't burn a CD in iTunes for Windows



    iTunes for Windows: Additional troubleshooting tips for burning issues



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    If you see an error message with “Unknown Error” and an error code, try the following solutions before you attempt to burn another CD or DVD.

    • Make sure the disc is clean. Wipe the shiny surface with a soft, damp cloth, working from center to edge.
    • Do not move, bump, or shake the computer while the disc is being burned.
    • Use blank discs that are rated for the burn speed of your drive, or consider using a different brand of disc.
    • Specify a burn speed that is lower than the maximum speed rating for your optical drive.
    • Quit all open apps you’re not using.
    • Restart your computer and try burning the disc again.
    • If your startup disk is nearly full, try to free up space on it. The amount of free space on the startup disk needs to be greater than the amount of data you’re burning. Erase unnecessary files. Back up files you don’t use often, and then remove them.
    • Repair your startup disk with Disk Utility. For more information, see this topic in Disk Utility Help:Repair a disk
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    I have tried all of these steps and I am still getting error message 4310 when trying to burn a disk.


    From all of the research I have done on this issue it looks like the problem might be caused by running ITunes in Windows 8. I have not been able to find a solution to this problem and it is extremely frustrating.