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The battery life on my 4S was acceptable prior to updating to iOS 7, and the battery indicator functioned properly.  Since the update, one or a combination of these three things happens routinely:


1) The battery indicator shows a battery charge of 35+ percent, then spontaneously dies;


2) The battery indicator shows a charge of 1-3%, and stays there for much longer than it should while I'm using the phone;


3) The battery indicator shows a healthy charge, the phone spontaneously dies, I fire it up again, see the "charge phone" graphic, then a few minutes later it starts up and shows the same level of battery life. 


The battery indicator seems to have been rendered useless by iOS 7.  What's the solution here? 

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.1
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    Hey rs695,



    Thanks for the question. It sounds like you are experiencing issues with your battery indicator. These issues may be resolved by calibrating your battery, as outlined in the following featured discussion:


    My IPad doesn't charge 100%: Apple Support Communities



    While the above discussion mentions iPads, the same steps apply for iPhone. If you continue to have issues, see the following resources:


    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting



    iPhone and iPod touch: Charging the battery



    Apple - Batteries - iPhone






    Matt M.

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    Hello - I don't think this Calibration process helps. I have done this process several times...used the phone to the point of drain / power off then plugged it in and charged it to full. My phone still has the same random jumps from various percentages (ex. 85% - 53% in a blink), and holding at a given percentage for an unlikely amount of time (ex. :30 min at 35% - full brightness and watching a movie). When I get to around 30% it is a bit of a lottery to see if my phone will shut down. I have had it shut off at 35% and not power back on saying it is drained, then when I plug it in to charge, it comes on back at 35%. Sometimes the same thing at 20% or 13% ... again...a lottery.


    Cannot say definitely that this is or is not a calibration issue, but I can say that this behavior did not occur until I upgraded to iOS 7. This has been a problem ever since the day of the upgrade for me. Will continue to search the forums and the other links indicated above for help.

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    I have the exact same issue with my 4S. I have a Telus phone that I had unlocked. No issues prior to the upgrade, and now the same issues as you.


    If you find a solution, would love to know!

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    I have this issue too. Daily. I've recalibrated the battery several times yet it still does this. Today it dropped from 40% to 20% in about 5 mins and then 20% to 10% in just over a minute. I plugged in the charger for a second and it jumped straight back up to 40%. Makes this recalibration process near impossible as it doesn't ever seem to know how much battery it's got. Again this is only since IOS7. No issues whatsoever in 6.

    I've done all the usual things of turning off background app refresh, kill apps etc.


    I know a couple of people that have the same problem so any ideas or fixes would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm also encountering the same problem - it's only started happening recently. Running iOS 7.0.4 with an iPhone 5.

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    Hello rs695

    I have a same issue with faulty battery indicator. I went Apple store this morning and they verified it is not battery problem. The battery was good. It must be the software issue.

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    I have a very similar problem.  I had gone to OS7 on my iPhone4 some time ago with no problems.  Recently battery indicator has been staying between 80%-100% all day.  Then will suddenly shut down with no warning and wont work again until it is charged.  Within 2 minutes of plugging in indicator says it is 80%-100% charged, but if unplugged right away will shut down again soon.  If left charging seems to have normal battery life.


    New wrinkle today.  After shutting down, I plugged it in and it keeps showing the Apple startup screen, then going dark - like it doesn't have enough power to startup.


    I can't figure out if this is a software or a hardware problem.

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    I've been having the same problem since the iOS7 upgrade. Just now it shut itself down with the battery saying 43%. When I plugged it in and restarted, the battery charge indicator was just a thin sliver of red (e.g., maybe 1%). After about a minute with the phone restarted, it has the battery at 47%.

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    I too have been having the same problem.  I stepped out to run an errand the other day, before I left I looked at my iPhone 5 running IOS 7.0.4 and it had 80% charge.  Was only going to be gone an hour, so no need to bring a charger, right?  Wrong.


    I got to the store, and went to reply to a text message that came in while I was driving.  When I picked up the phone it still said 80%, as I was typing a very short reply, I got the low battery warning, then it dropped to 1% and shut off.  Attempting to turn it back on only showed me the low battery indicator and the screen went black again.


    Then when I got home and plugged it in, it immediately had 80% of battery available. 


    I am not sure how users are supposed to recalibrate the battery meter, when the cannot run the phone down to a true no charge state.

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    Hello, same problem here. Iphone 4S with shorter battery life and erratic battery life indications since iOS 7 upgrade. Updates (up to 7.0.4) did not solve the problem the problem. Especially when using iMessage the battery drains fast.

    Overnight I lose 10% battery life. Even without iCloud back up. It is a software problem. It looks like a more stringent/rigid WIFI/3G connection protocol AND a battery indication problem.


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    Sorry to say, I think your phone is toast.  The problem will get worse every day over the next two weeks or so until the phone no longer works at all.  At least, that is what happened to mine, and to several others that know of.  Unknown if this is planned obsolescence, or a mistake by Apple, but updating a 4 to iOS7 is fatal.  The OS requires a faster processor and better overall use of system resources.  The processor in the 4 has to run on overdrive constantly to try to keep up.  The power usage overheats the battery.  As a result, both the battery and processor get fried.  Good luck, but I'd plan on a new phone.