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  • crazycatgirl Level 1 Level 1

    OK, I'm running out of patience with Apple now - is anyone from Apple monitoring this site at all and taking on board the issues? It's been over two months now since these problems have been highlighted and it's high time Apple produced a software update that addressed them.


    Come on Apple, you put out upgrades that are supposed to enhance your customers' user experience, but how can that be when those who have bought your Apple TV can't use Airplay thanks to making the big mistake of downloading iOS7???


    We're still waiting.....

  • JadeMarie90 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the exact same problem! I have the macbook with retina display and the iPad Air and am having Airplay issues from both devices! I thought it was something to do with my HDMI cable or something and have recently changed that but after seeing these posts I now know that it is in fact a problem with Apple!! Apple please sort this! The main reason why I purchased Apple tv was so that I could stream and now you are making that option impossible it cuts out after 10-15mins!! Please fix or I will be asking for a refund as I only purchased this product 2 months ago!!

  • timtop Level 1 Level 1

    Same here - just want to add myself to the list.  Youtube, and more annoyingly, AirVideo streams to apple tv (ios devices all on 7) drop out regularly and consistently.  Usually happens after 11 minutes, then 22 minutes, then i'll get 40 mins, then maybe get to the end of a film.  Very frustrating.  year or more of perfect streaming on ios6

  • katchkim Level 1 Level 1

    Please add me to the list as well - I can't watch ABC, NBC or CBS - it just freezes up or asks me to verify my cable provider but never goes anywhere.

  • cloudofshentonpark Level 1 Level 1

    We have the same problem as many others in that the program being watched on TV via the AppleTV and iPad drops off the TV and back to the iPad quite randomly and most infuriatingly.  I have tried many of the same sorts of things as others in this discussion - checking for updates, resetting, powering completely off, making sure there is minimal competition for the WiFi etc but must conclude this is simply another problem with the IOS7 upgrade (as we all seem agreed).  I am extremely surprised that so many weeks later Apple have still failed to rectify the situation.  I am paying them to subscribe to BBC iPlayer which has the same problem as ABC iview and SBS On Demand which feels like a waste of money right now.

  • Jimmymac112 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello I also had this problem but this is what I did first I checked the wifi and it was perfect then I unplugged all the cords and then waited 3 seconds put them back in I unplugged the wifi and then put them back in.


    I turned Airplay on and off 3 times still did the same thing so I connected my ipad to my computer. I put on blue tooth and connected it to the apple tv and it worked but if that doesn't work for you with your ipad still connected to your computer put in the ethernet cable and It'll have a strong signal

  • JadeMarie90 Level 1 Level 1

    I appear to have fixed my problem.. Well it isn't really fixed but I have found a temporary solution until Apple step up and sort this out!


    I have turned off the homesharing option on my macbook and on the apple tv settings and have switched off bluetooth on my mac. I can now stream from my mac and ipad with no interruptions!!

  • taotianchristopher Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue as mentioned by all. I am using my Mac Air as a base station, streaming music from iTunes to either my Apple TV or Airport Express. Within 2 to 3 hours (more or less), there are at least a few drop outs. Sometimes it fixs after several seconds, sometimes I have to use the Remote App on my iPhone to reconnect. It is so bad. Cant believe iOS 7 becomes worse than previous version. Without Steve Jobs, the QC of Apple products really *****.(Even though still better than others).

  • Rosyv52 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem with ipad mini and ABC iview, the Apple TV disconnects every 10-15 minutes and airplay reverts to the ipad. Everything has been hard reset, but the problem continues. I am thinking of taking the ATV back for a refund as it is completely useless like this. All Apple can say is that I have a wifi issue but the ipad is getting a full signal from the router and everything is in the same room.

  • chazkelly Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here.  Trying to watch movie previews through IMDB app and / or through IMDB Website.  Video starts and gets less than halfway before dropping out.  Sometimes starts playing again, but only sound with no image.  It worked fine before OS7 and new Apple TV.  What the heck man?!

  • SnatoGauro Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue as everyone above and I have also tried all of the set out remedies above, however the Airplay stream continues to drop out on ABC iView.


    What i will add to the discussion is that I have tried this with two separate iPhone 4S, one is running iOS 7 and the other is still running iOS 6.x and the same thing happens with both; stream drops out!


    This leads me to think that it may be an Apple TV (2 Gen) software issue, and not an iPhone iOS issue.


    Still extremely frustrating!

  • Rosyv52 Level 1 Level 1

    I seem to have fixed mine by turning off homesharing and resetting the ATV to original. I n know if the update didn't load properly or if homesharing just is a failure but I haven't had a dropped connection since????

  • marcus204 Level 1 Level 1

    I have this problem as well, I play music and every couple of songs played from my iphone the connections is lost and the music stops.

    It always works again if you restart it but it makes it really annoying to use I am thinking of taking it back to the shop as I only just bought it.


    Apple any news???

  • SnatoGauro Level 1 Level 1

    I Tried this and this seemed to fix my problem. Haven't yet turned home sharing back on, but air play is working with no drop outs

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    I'm relatively new to Apple products.  I wouldn't say that I've ever had a preference for Apple versus say Windows products.  In fact, I recall having purchased an iPod and letting it sit in the box for about 2 years before I opened it up because I was so peeved that there was only one player in the marketplace with a portable music player with a decent size hard drive (I had purchased the 80GB iPod classic).  I spent several years working at a major player in the Enterprise Computing market and for the most part I have tried to avoid computers (and all things computing) since then more than anything else! 


    However, in recently returning to the halls of academia, it's a bombardment of computing.  To make matters more interesting, with the onset of the smart phone market, I took that plunge.  I recently became much more fond of Apple as a whole when I came into a situation wherein gaining a replacement pinter at a major big box retailer left me with a gift card for just over a 100 bucks.  I  decided to try out one of those seemingly handy dandy AppleTVs that everyone was talking about.  I'll admit, I was pretty psyched when I did for the ease of use concerning Netflix, Hulu+, among other capabilities. 


    I then decided to find out what this AirPlay jazz was all about and suddenly realized that I now had a much better way to stream music from my computer's library to my home theater receiver.  I had been using that other company's built in music player with my DLNA home theater receiver but that left much to be desired.  Lots of inexplicable stops of music and not very good access to my library.  With AppleTV and AirPlay on my laptop PCs, suddenly streaming music was a most fantastical experience!  Just WOW! 


    As often happens in life, I saw the potential pain - firing up my laptop.  Could I find a solution to stream music without powering my laptop?  I came to the sudden realization that with iOS devices, you could stream music just as easily as through iTunes on the laptop.  I began pondering upgrading my iPod to an iPod touch, but held off with a new opportunity to upgrade to an iPhone.  With the discount incurred thanks to a new 2 year agreement with my carrier, I settled on waiting a few weeks.  Fast forward a tad and I just purchased a 64 GB iPhone 5.  Now I don't even need to power up one of the laptops to stream music (well, at least the 55 GB of music I have on my phone out of the 180 GB of music on my laptops & external HDDs) . I didn't think I'd abandon that other big name cell manufacturer running that web browser's robot mascot mobile software, but what a breeze iOS is!  Wouldn't you know that I immediately updated my iPhone to iOS7 & after doing so, I suddenly thought that my music files must have become somewhat corrupt as they were skipping and stopping playing with no explanation.  I then did a search on the question of whether there are issues with iPhones, AirPlay & AppleTV.  That led me here and it looks like iOS7 & AppleTV (2nd gen I believe, purchased new in box in July 2013) don't play well together. My music continues to stream seamlessly and magnificently from laptops to AppleTV.  Thanks to this board, I have now tried disabling Home Sharing on my AppleTV.  I'm, thus far, several songs into my latest attempt and it appears to have fixed the problem. 


    I'm hoping that with Home Sharing disabled on the AppleTV that it continues to stream well.  If that was the fix, I thank those who responded with successes for this method and suggestions to try it.  Heck, if it continues to play nice, with several years of academics left, I may just upgrade to one of those fancy MacBooks  


    I must admit as someone who once upon a time was a Windows person, then tried to avoid computing / digital anything as much as possible when possible... I am suddenly seeing myself morph into an Apple person.  Here's to hoping that disabling Home Sharing was the key to success to keep AirPlay from iPhone to AppleTV running smooth.  Can't wait until it's time for a new home theater receiver.... I'm drooling over the idea of another, but newer, Yamaha Aventage series home theater receiver with AirPlay capability built in! 


    However, I'll also admit that if that doesn't fix it, and Apple has taken so long to make a fix to iOS7 if that is the culprit, I'll be very much disappointed, and unimpressed.  I'm rooting for you, Apple, to win me over!  The integration of so many aspects of home entertainment is quite remarkable and fascinating.... even for someone who doesn't fancy himself much of a computer person in the least bit.