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    It is now a month since I disabled HS and my ATV is still working well. Looks like I found the culprit, it is just a pity Apple can't solve it. I have been trumpeting the hassle free Apple stuff for ages, but this leaves me less convinced.

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    After endless problems with my appletv disconnecting mid programme from my ipad or iphone after iOs7 (and my posting of complaint in this column about same some weeks ago), I decided last week to check again vis updates for the appletv software thinking it must be about time Apple did something about this problem that was clearly quite general.


    And amaze, amaze  (and touchwood!!) it seems to have worked!  I have now watched several programmes without it once dropping out on both iphone and ipad.


    Worth trying - go to updates on your apple tv using the apple tv remote (bit painful, but it does seem to be worth the trouble this time. Not just an update to what's available on iTunes as I had suspected - actually seems to include a "fix" for the above problem.

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    This is very unsettling. I thought I'd found a fix but no sooner did I think that than the same issues arose again. Shortly after disabling HS the skips and stops of audio began again. At last check my iPhone was telling me that it had streamed a whole second album to my appletv via airplay but alas there was no audio. Airplay from my non apple laptop to Apple TV continues to play seamlessly. There are no connection issues concerning router etc... The only issue seems to be ios7 on my 2 day old iPhone 5.


    I was hoping to be a new apple fan, but it is beyond discouraging that despite how old this thread is this has not been fixed. I was wowed at the ease of use but have realized that my old non apple phone with a 3rd party free app ran circles around my new iPhone + appletv attempt. One would imagine a small team of programmers could fix this bug with an update released shortly thereafter. I would imagine there are more threads and many calls to apple about this. I've heard for years about the ingenuity of apple, the ease of use, dependability and great customer support. I now am left wondering of those I've known that praised apple did so while saving face by showing loyalty if/when things went awry or if this is just the new post Steve Jobs version of apple.


    Part of me wants to wait the 28 days before my return police expires for the iPhone to see if apple will release a fix but I also am thinking that would be foolish considering this has not been resolved months after the issue presented. If that's customer service and ingenuity yikes!  It's sad that another manufacturers phone with yet another software manufacturers OS with a free 3rd party app plays better with Apple TV than iPhones with iOS7.  Not to mention the savings of roughly 150 bucks and a phone that has expandable storage to perhaps 96GB.


    I really wanted to be amazed by apple but all I can do is shake my head and think what blatant false advertising. This reminds me of the fiasco that was HPs touchpad / HP Veer / WebOS after the acquisition of Palm wherein they advertised all the wonderful things that would be able to be done such as syncing phone to touchpad seemingly magically by swiping the phone by the power on button of the touchpad. The only thing is that I had little faith in that concept but had all the faith in the world that the airplay feature would work to stream music from iPhone 5 with iOS7 to appleTV. Talk about a let down. Tsk tsk apple.

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    Update to my previous entry on this thread.  Upon upgrading to iOS 7.1, I'm having a completely different (and positive) experience. No drops and responsiveness demonstrably better.  The AirPlay commands are different and appearances are that Apple's tweaked this.  What are other experiences with 7.1?

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    Like you, with the new release I also am having a very positive experience. No drops, stops or skips in playback. All music and video is now streaming seamlessly from iPhone to AppleTV without issue. I think Apple has officially stolen away rights to my technological heart and soul with this fix. I spy replacing all my windows products (laptops etc) with Apple products when an upgrade is necessitated. A product that does as advertised can go a very long way with making a once, twice or thrice times the consumer a loyal future consumer to the products and by golly I do believe apple just hit my sweet spot!

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    I've just updated to appletv6.1 and now I have the problems you had with the previous version!

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    I should add, I'm streaming from my mac and having the problem not an iOS device.

    Drop outs, loss of audio. I try and use the remote, it seems frozen remembers the key presses and then blurts them out all in one go...

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    This seems to be a pretty big issue here. Is this being worked on? I am having the issues as well and the troubleshooting is all but useless with this problem. All I would at least like to hear is that we are working on it. I don't want to have to wait till iOS 8 for this problem to be fixed. Because I have all this Apple airplay stuff that doesn't airplay. I even bought a airport express. Please don't treat your customers like this Apple. We deserve better than being pointed in the direction of a troubleshooting process you know based on the information given isn't going to solve the problem. Please fix this!

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    i am having streaming issues with my atv as well, it was all working perfectly until IOS 7. airplay keeps crashing and video streaming via the YouTube app is totally unwatchable. I thought Microsoft were bad for testing  products after release, but apple seem to be going down that path as well.

    Please address the streaming issues and offer an update.

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    Having the exact experience here as well. Just bought a new IPad and Apple TV and neither YouTube or Netflix will stream reliably. iOS 8.1.2

    has as there been any acknowledgement from Apple on this? Looks like it's been over a year since this was reported which is hard to believe.

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    A full restore of my Apple TV seems to have solved the provblem for the time being. It did take along time, about 2 hours because i did not have a micro usb cable and had to repeatedly restart my apple tv and attempt a full restore over wifi. But it seems to have worked.

    note to turn off automatic updates....

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    Disable the homesharing option on the IPAD solved my problems!

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