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Previously, even when iOS 7 first rolled out, my MDM would send the managed devices all of the apps... During this process the Apple ID Password would be entered one time, then all the apps would come through (sometimes you would have to click install, but not enter a password repeatedly).


Now, I have to enter the Apple ID Password for every single app install. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, are there any resolutions available?


Each iPad has it's own Apple ID. No apps are being installed via configurator.


MDM: Lightspeed Systems Mobile Device Manager

iPad 4

Macbook Pro 10.8.5

Apple Configurator 1.4

iTunes 11.1.1

iPad, iOS 7, Using Configurator 1.4
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    I am experiencing this exact same issue.  I use configurator to supervise and name the iPads as well as restore the "basic master image" to the rest of the ipads.  I then join my ipads to the specific groups I've created on Lightspeed individually because my bulk enrollment always fails.  Then I push the apps, free and paid, using Lightspeed.  Works great.  Only problem is when I go to check the finished product to make sure all the apps were successfully installed, I am asked to enter the password for each app that lsmdm is trying to push.  On every ipad.  It's a bit time consuming and really defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do.  Have you found a solution for your problem?  The only thing I can think to do is to not use configurator.  I am waiting to hear back from a Lightspeed tech but time's awastin'.

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    I had different user accounts in my Configurator station by grade level. Each grade level has their own group in Lightspeed, and I never push down an app at a higher level than a grade.


    I still don't know why it was asking for a password. However, it was only asking for a password on my 5th, 6th, and 7th grade groups. My 8th grade group would install all of the apps without asking for a password and no issues.


    I checked over a hundred times to make sure that all of the settings are excactly the same, and they are. So no clue. But since, I have reimaged them and no longer allow students to install apps, they simply can't handle it.


    • So now they are all under the same apple id.
    • I download apps that they need from iTunes under that apple ID.
    • Then I upload the app to the proper group in lightspeed and it sends that app to them without requiring a password.
      • From what I've heard, that method works because no other apple ID has been signed in to the student device.


    That help at all? I can be more specific if you need me to. I'm happy to help.

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    I can't tell you how much I appreciate the quick response!  We are purchasing our apps via vpp and redeeming them as needed.  We also have a few different accounts, but the ipads we enroll in one group are all using the same apple id.  Do you think turning off app install made the difference?  Are you still using configurator?  I'm about to try a group of ten without using configurator.  I can't bulk enroll anyway for some reason.  Thanks again!

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    Turning off the App install did not make the difference. Previously my 8th graders were all signed in to their own accounts and it would only ask for their password one time.


    I am still using apple configurator. I was never able to get the bulk enrollment to work either. I used configurator to join a hidden wifi network, that is only on the AP in my office, and place webclips for the MDM groups on the iPads.


    Then I can use the webclip to install the enrollment profiles, which contains the student wifi. The benefit of doing it this way is that if they remove their management profiles, they also lose their wifi and the kids are unable to do their work.

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    We have an account per group.  For example ipadgrade3@blahblah.com.  I am still trying to figure out this whole configurator/lightspeed system, but I found where my issue was in the profile restrictions on Lightspeed.  I had to turn off "require itunes password for purchases."  Now I don't even have to enter a password or even tap "install" for that matter.  Thanks for the feed back!